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Best Casino for 2008

Von: You're The Winner (gavinjohns2@bigpond.com) [Profil]
Datum: 08.03.2009 12:04
Message-ID: <NCNsl.26046$cu.2855@news-server.bigpond.net.au>
Newsgroup: alt.games
Once again we have been awarded Casinomeister Best Casino for 2008, that's
an amazing 6 times!  32 Red is the first of many casinos to open on GEM

To register as a user for all the "free games" offered by 32Red you will
need to undertake the following steps.

1. Register at http://www.homerun.gemisland.com/ to recieve your personal
gemisland.com website then login.

2. Then click on the 32 Red building (which will zoom in)

3.  Then by clicking on the link this will bring you to the first step of
the registration process

Please be aware that 80% of this form will already be automatically
completed for you, however there will still be a few mandatory fields that
need to be completed.  After completion you will receive a welcome letter
from 32 Red confirming the opening of your account and you can start
enjoying the wide range of
games available.  It is our recommendation that you download the 32 Red
software onto your computer; this will enable you to take advantage of the
full entertainment package on offer.

It is possible for any at any time to open a "Real Money" account directly
with 32 Red by clicking on "Play for Real" on the top left hand corner of
the page. (This will show when you are playing any of the free games)

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