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Young Gun Shoots To Smoking Victory at Titan Poker’s $2,500,000 Tournament

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Datum: 25.10.2009 09:38
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It was nearly the record victory that never was for 23 year-old Titan
Poker player Olivier Lombard, whose last minute decision not to forfeit
his $2,500,000 Guaranteed Prize Tournament seat earned him $500,000 in
first prize winnings…via remote access from Africa. Online poker room
Titan Poker player Olivier Lombard is counting his blessings that a
weekend trip around Africa did not end up costing him half a million
dollars, thanks to a last minute decision that irrevocably changed the
course of his life. It’s an intriguing series of near misses and close
encounters that brought the 23 year-old to the final $2,500,000 GP
tournament table on Sunday 7th September, culminating in his hard-won
triumph in the early hours of Monday morning after fourteen consecutive
hours of tournament play. Go to http://gamblingonline.it.gg
Olivier has quite a story, considering he won his seat to the September
7th tournament just four days before in a qualifying tournament he
‘nearly forgot’ to play in. After redeeming a free token to the last
$2,500,000 Satellite, the French player finished a top five seat winner.
Suddenly faced with the last minute dilemma of whether to reschedule his
holiday or take part in the monumental tournament, he did what any true
poker enthusiast would do. The trip came to an abrupt end and Olivier
took his seat at the table on Sunday evening - via remote internet access
from Senegal. Go to http://gamblingonline.it.gg
The Civil Engineer from France, otherwise known as player ‘axp15’ had
already forged a formidable reputation as a cash table player after a
year of playing at Titan Poker, but relatively little was known of the
newcomer’s tournament strategy. Using the element of surprise to his
advantage, the young player emerged from the wings triumphant over his
more experienced opponents. Olivier readily admits ‘I was extremely
lucky. You almost always need a lot of tournament experience to win such
huge events.’ Go to http://gamblingonline.it.gg
Arriving at the final table on Monday morning, the Titan Poker player
recalls ‘I kept the stakes far from my mind and played as rationally as I
could. I made sure to change strategy often during the game, depending on
the opponents and the blinds. Lady Luck also made an appearance at two
key points in the tournament and thankfully turned the cards in my favor
at the River’. Go to http://gamblingonline.it.gg
Olivier stuck to his guns through fourteen hours of grueling ups and
downs and finished number one out of a total 1596 players who competed on
the day. Currently on a work contract in Africa, the 23 year-old will
return to France half a million dollars richer, and en route to his very
first home.
His winning tenacity and determination is evident in his final words of
advice to other players. ‘Never give up’ he says to other tournament
hopefuls. ‘Always go for number one. Don’t content yourself with just
winning satellite seats. Focus on the game, keep the stakes out of your
mind, and play your best. Go to http://gamblingonline.it.gg

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