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Win a trip to Disneyland Paris from Bingo Day

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Datum: 18.10.2009 15:40
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The promotion of Mickey Mouse Magic Bingo Day will send a lucky winner at
Disneyland Paris, the value of £ 2500. The site of Bingo online
http://gamblingonline.it.gg Bingo Day, hosted at promoting Mickey Mouse
Magic, offering to one lucky player the chance to win a fantastic package
to Disneyland vacation home  Paris. Mickey Mouse Magic The promotion will
take place from 17  October, when the winner of the grand prize and
runners-up will be randomly chosen. First prize is a good vacation to
Disneyland Paris, the value of £ 2500. Every time a player deposits  10
at the famous site game earns a raffle ticket. For every ten Bingo ticket
purchased, you get an additional lottery ticket. Players have the
opportunity receive lottery tickets to try out their luck Mickey Mouse
Magic in the game room of Seventh Heaven Bingo Day
One of the most interesting features of Bingo Day innovative interactive
applications are included in platform game. The famous bingo hall
stimulates real interaction between players with a last chat fashion that
allows members to converse with each during the game and also with the
kind of moderators Chat, known as the best in the industry. Bingo Day
includes four bingo halls, three 90-ball and one in 75 -- ball and each
has its own chat room. Bingo
BingoLand Day is part of the Network, which hosts a wide selection of
bingo halls and is therefore able to offer
a wide range of tournaments and competitions so improve the experience of
the game of bingo. http://gamblingonline.it.gg

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