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Mobile Gaming Proves Profitable at Casino Tropez Mobile

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Datum: 24.01.2010 09:21
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Austrian woman walks away with over €27,000 in winnings from the Desert
Treasure slot machine on Casino Tropez Mobile. Casino Tropez Mobile</a>,
Manuela K of Austria, scooped a whopping €27,105 playing the popular slot
machine, Desert Treasure.  Manuela had been a member of Casino Tropez
Mobile for less than two months when she made her exciting win on October
5th.  A big Slots fan, Manuela also enjoys playing A Night Out, Captain's
Treasure, Goblin's Cave, as well as Blackjack on her Sony Ericson. She
has participated in several of Tropez Mobile’s slots tournaments, but
this is her biggest win to date. Visit http://gamblingonline.it.gg -
Casino Tropez Mobile is the pioneering platform of Playtech’s mobile
technology and is one of the most advanced mobile casinos available.
Tropez Mobile offers Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Baccarat and a
range of Slots games including two progressive Slot Machines.    Uniquely
to Casino Tropez Mobile, players are able to download each game
separately.  This is hugely beneficial in terms of download time as well
as quality of graphics and makes Tropez Mobile stand out from its
competitors, which require a player to download the entire casino at
once. Visit http://gamblingonline.it.gg - http://casinoitalia.it.gg
Members can deposit and withdraw funds, receive bonuses and enjoy
fantastic graphics all straight through their mobile.  Members of the
online version of Casino Tropez can use an existing account on their
mobile phone, allowing them to switch between playing on their mobiles
and online, at their convenience. Visit http://gamblingonline.it.gg -
Casino Tropez Mobile supports more handsets than any other mobile casino
operator.  This number is constantly increasing as more handsets are
introduced to the market.
Best of all, upon download, the new and smart Tropez Mobile system
identifies the phone model, and immediately sends the right application
for your device. Visit http://gamblingonline.it.gg -

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