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A really popular PC game.

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Doom4 April FoolsJim09.04.10
Has anyone played the Eternal Megawad??Volfie99906.03.10
New PWAD containing single player map & graphic...chrisbazley@bigfo...30.11.09
What's up with Schmitz??Volfie99926.10.09
Turn $6.00 into $60.000Tim27.09.09
Loading up an individual level in Zdoom.Volfie99921.09.09
Doom revisitedEdward Cowling Lo...13.09.09
CCHEST3 - MAP 30 - final partStephen Howe15.07.09
CCHEST3 - MAP27 - one last secretStephen Howe12.07.09
cchest3 - MAP26 - Hybrid EnvyStephen Howe10.07.09
Doom with With WINXPhelmsman@wowway.com05.07.09
Community Chest 3, MAP19 - SubductionStephen Howe02.07.09
Now get PC GAMES for just Rs.150mynameisdon001@gm...21.03.09
Maybe a dumb question about DOOM II...Volfie99904.03.09
Whats new?Petri Piira19.02.09
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backup...wmic99@yahoo.com14.12.08
I still play doompop30.11.08
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backup...wmic71@yahoo.com20.11.08
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backup...wmic71@yahoo.com04.11.08
DOOM 3 Teleportation:mooseboyskip@hotm...17.10.08
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backup...wmic71@yahoo.com12.10.08
DOOMUsenet Rulez13.09.08
PoofRoland Deschain07.06.08
Best Prometric Test center in Bangalore (like M...Prometric Test ce...03.06.08
DOOM...Rudolf Kemnitz15.05.08
Best Prometric Test center in Bangalore (like M...Prometric Test ce...13.04.08
Best Prometric (like Microsoft, Sun Microsystem...Prometric Test ce...23.02.08
DooM I/II (1.9) Retro LAN party - troubleferdimh@gmx.de29.09.07
Easy to use editor for Doom 3Gio'25.09.07
stupid noob questionDoppelbock17.09.07
DOOM 3 at Necronomicaon LAN partycAPTAINhdy06.09.07
Blue KeyDennis15.08.07
wad author... issues with teleportersco.port08.08.07
id catalog now available through SteamInglo04.08.07
Extract Doom Marine Face Sprite?Agix30.07.07
Cacodemon "ground display"Mrhide26.07.07
New Free Gaming CommunityTurnip25.07.07
Marlboro cigarettes for $11.99. Delivery to all...ubovtof@attglobal...18.07.07
What was the default keyboard configuration for...David Simmons17.07.07
Dos doom gamepad problemjasc08.07.07
Level RestartCarl Senior Jr23.06.07
Freedoom: Stuck in the CourtyardRoy Carin30.05.07
Doom 3 Multiplayer Suggestion: Players play cre...Skybuck Flying27.05.07
weapons - DOOM 3D.H. Cesare26.05.07
Level 10 of Freedoom (Refueling Base) -- last f...Roy Carin25.05.07
Prboom/Freedoom Level 7 help neededRoy Carin22.05.07