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Datum: 01.03.2010 02:38
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I represent a community benefit nonprofit program called
GameHearts, a Montana Nonprofit Corporation. Our purpose is to
adult sobriety through alternative entertainment, which primarily
consists of promoting tabletop games (Customizable Card and Miniature
Games, Role Playing Games, etc). I welcome you to view our website
below for information on our program.
Since we are a nonprofit, we rely solely upon donations to
operate, mostly of excess gaming materials. Primarily we use commons
and uncommons to make decks which can be provided to players free of
charge, just for participating, with whatever rares we acquire used
prize incentives.
Typically, we solict donations from players, collectors,
and manufacturers, with particular attention payed to groups of
gamers.  As such, you potentially may have excess gaming materials
which are not being used nor able to be sold, items that could help
our program. Rares are usually the lifeblood of a CCG or CMG singles
retailer or trader, but gamers often end up with volumes of commons
and uncommons along with the rares, which is why we approach groups
like your own. If you have excess materials that you do not use and
are simply taking up space, we would appreciate it if you would
consider making a donation to our program.  Additionally, as you have
contact with a broad range of individuals who also acquire these
of games, we were hoping you might also forward our information to
others who may share an interest in helping, as well.
In exchange for donations, we assess incoming gaming accessories
and issue receipts for tax purposes. Typically, we baseline values
at .
25 a common, $1 for uncommons for current games (.10 per common, .50
per uncommon of out-of-print games).  I am a certifiable expert in
collectible genre field and have been issuing tax receipts for
donations such as these since 1996, when I worked for a youth program
that solicited the same kinds of materials. This is an excellent
opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile cause, while at the same
time helping your own business offload excess materials and recoup it
through tax deductions (50% of a donation's value can be applied to
tax write-off under the current IRS rules).
We have few limitations on donations: 1) Cards must be in near
mint, ie, playable condition, since we promote tournament level
competition and worn cards are considered marked; and 2) individual
donations must not exceed $5,000 in value (Should a donation
inadvertently exceed this, I have been known to "stagger" them
two receipts to give full value), though any number of donations can
be made per year. This latter rule is one established by the IRS, by
the way, not by our program. Other than these restrictions, we accept
any donated gaming material in any quantity.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I will gladly
respond to any inquiry.
I hope you will consider aiding our cause and spreading word
our program. I look forward to your response.


Ron Glick
Executive Director

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