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Thief 4 Release Date (UK)JJ (UK)03.04.10
Ha Got You...Still Some Bunny Here (Just)Trimble Bracegirdle10.03.10
THIEF 4 - Release date 25th MarchTrimble Bracegirdle24.01.10
Totally OT: Laura Tobin is Engaged (Sob !)Trimble Bracegirdle02.01.10
Thief 4 Coming Along In "Leaps And Bounds" Nov 27Trimble Bracegirdle29.11.09
Ahh ! A Peacefull Empty placeTrimble Bracegirdle28.11.09
Thief3 lockpicking problemrms08.09.09
need some help for "Keeper of the prophecies"flupp@ohno.org02.12.08
NVIDIA Forceware New DriversTrimble Bracegirdle27.07.08
The 7th CrystalRick Savery17.07.08
T2 - Duh!Seymour C. Moore11.10.07
T2 - One frog beat six robots!Seymour C. Moore08.10.07
I'm programming a new Thief game!!!Victor Smootbank03.10.07
How Many?reborn rolla16.09.07
SING ALONG!!!Murder Inc.05.09.07
T2 - FM - Mysterious Invitation?Albert Conklin20.08.07
People are still watchingTrimble Bracegirdle18.08.07
MUSIC REVIEWartcinco04.08.07
T2-FM--HBS Iron Butterfly?Albert Conklin22.07.07
Weird Thief2 troublePhil08.06.07
Psssst! Can ya spare an ol? taffer a frogbeast...Doc Photon06.06.07
Thief Fan Mission ManagerTerry Olsen15.05.07
Fan Mission Sites?Terry Olsen22.04.07
Fan Mission FilesTerry Olsen16.04.07
URGENT NEW RECORD ALERT!!!Scot Clayton07.04.07
Garrettloader 1.41?Albert Conklin06.04.07
The Sword Thief GoldGifted23.02.07
Ping reborn rollaMosNot11.02.07
Ping MosNotreborn rolla10.02.07
Favourite level on Thief: Dark ProjectRiver07.02.07
OT: Dark Messiah and GothicLoony06.02.07
Running Thief: Dark Project on XPRiver05.02.07
Best Fan Mission Thief 2reborn rolla30.01.07
Missing Objectives in T3 FM'sX25.01.07
Mcleod's Revengereborn rolla24.01.07
attn: rafferty - extremely fantabulous groups -...clerkclaude22.01.07
T2 vs. Dark Messiah.Albert Conklin22.01.07
Why should I play Thief 2?CelesteB17.01.07
Doom 3 Dark Modrms15.01.07
Thief 3 fan missionsConan The Librarian11.01.07
TDS: Shooting Moss Arrows into Pagan Symbols?Terry Olsen26.12.06
I can't find my way back to the Keeper Library ...Terry Olsen24.12.06
Too Hard!reborn rolla23.12.06
A Debt RepaidJJ (UK)20.11.06
Thief 3 - status of spawning in the city?Michael Cecil19.11.06
Chasm of the Lost Pt. 1reborn rolla14.11.06
How Hard is it?reborn rolla05.11.06
Robin Hood on the BBCFred X28.10.06
A New Beginning/RocksbourgJJ (UK)24.10.06