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New film rumoursMark A06.06.10
All's quiet on the westen frontBob Wiley05.06.10
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightJohn Whitworth10.04.10
Next TR: Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightErik Steffl06.03.10
Birthday wishes for Our Lady of Pertpetual Gunf...Gordian Slash15.02.10
The birthday girl.Bob Wiley13.02.10
For a girl who has everything. (except a mansion)Bob Wiley08.02.10
TR1 on windows 7Shellback18.01.10
TR1 on HDShellback12.01.10
Glidos on 64bit sortedPaul Gardiner01.01.10
For those who wish it, and can ...McG.25.12.09
ChristmasMean Marine23.12.09
VERY VERY OFF TOPIC!!!!!! : Hey there McG!! :-)Thunderchief23.12.09
Top 10 hottest Female characters in gamingMean Marine08.12.09
Multiplayer Tomb Raider next?Erik Steffl05.12.09
Vote for Lara Croft way in Derby!Erik Steffl01.12.09
How to play TR1 in 3D?Jim22.11.09
Download for FREE fotos, music, software, games...Streamguide Mike04.11.09
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?Mark A19.10.09
[TR VI] - Rebel interaction-icon without a cause.Etal14.10.09
[TR V] - Extra Special!Etal10.10.09
Going quietBob Wiley07.10.09
Turn $6.00 into $60.000Tim27.09.09
Toby Gard leaves Tomb raider (again)Erik Steffl19.09.09
anyone else playing........J.H.24.07.09
At lastAndrew Rybenkov16.07.09
TR 9 (aka reboot) leaked infoErik Steffl15.07.09
Stereoscopic TRJohn Whitworth07.07.09
TR reboot movie - who si it going to be?Erik Steffl03.07.09
In-Depth: Inside The Making Of Tomb Raider: Und...Erik Steffl30.06.09
>>> DOG BOARDING <<< ...kingwabidden@gmai...21.03.09
Just finished TRU PS2; observationsCleve16.03.09
TR Underworld - adrenaline shot videojeffareid16.03.09
Tomb Raider : LegendMan-wai Chang ToD...10.03.09
TRU-PS2 -- I can finally playCleve09.03.09
TR Angel of Darkness - Six Years OnJohn Whitworth06.03.09
At least I can't be accused of being premature!John Whitworth04.03.09
Just found out Lara can do 'donuts' on her bike!SpamBox02.03.09
Tomb Raider Movie...?Rudolf Kemnitz18.02.09
Camera moves on the motorbikeMax14.02.09
Lost motorbike, underworldEg be rt14.02.09
TRU on PS2Padders12.02.09
Patch for UnderworldCody10.02.09
TRU: It's "Screw U on the PS2"Cleve01.02.09
popped a Lara pic in binariesMcG.26.01.09
I feel kinda like I let you all down ;-)Thunderchief05.01.09
New Year.Bob Wiley02.01.09
Ok ok. You guys were right. They're fun games...McG.02.12.08
TRA and TRU, screenshot key???McG.02.12.08
TRU key mapping + camera resetjeffareid02.12.08