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Discussion of Tim Wisseman's VGA Planets.

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[Announce] PCC2 beta 9, PCC 1.1.18Stefan Reuther02.06.10
Official VGA Planets Remake, with Permission fr...Joshua01.06.10
New games at High CommandMatthias (Host HC)07.03.10
WHAT IS THE LIFE CYCLE OF A PLANET!!!!!!??????Mr. K06.03.10
New game at High CommandMatthias (Host HC)13.02.10
Replacement player needed for a special PHost gamecluster2312.02.10
[Announce] PCC2 beta 7Stefan Reuther17.01.10
New game at "High Command"Host High Command17.01.10
Z-Explore 1.0b update/fixcluster2311.01.10
[Announce] PCC2 beta 6Stefan Reuther16.11.09
New games at High CommandUnexpected Guest08.11.09
New games taking players at theStarbasetheAdmin03.10.09
High Command back online againMatthias (High Co...27.09.09
SMTP-Auth and AutotrollUnexpected Guest18.07.09
Tactical Host FRIENDLY CodesEgyptoid05.07.09
>>> FLIGHT ARRIVALS <<< ...xehanleyarbutus@g...19.03.09
>>> DETECTIVE CONAN <<< ...marvinbmy49@gmail...17.03.09
jahanagahi say hi???? ????06.02.09
Games looking for PlayerstheAdmin04.01.09
[Announce] PHost 4.1c/3.5cStefan Reuther05.10.08
New game - Build your Empire and 5 custom shipsValkyris2k817.06.08
VGA Planets is unrealistic!Stefan Reuther10.06.08
New games wait for you @ The WarShedValkyris2k803.06.08
New games taking players at theStarbasetheAdmin23.05.08
All New @ The War Shedvalkyrie@warshed.com11.05.08
who need new games ?Ricki09.05.08
New custom game starting - V3 TimhostStarkiller06.05.08
ClimatePorridge Wog11.04.08
question about poppersMydgard10.04.08
Damaged ShipsJack20.01.08
New game on rcworld.de looking for Empire playerChristian Gräfe18.01.08
ExploreMap game needs you!Stormbull24.09.07
New Games are now joining @ Circus-Maximus][avok23.09.07
B200 HYP Ship BugClovishi11.09.07
new players can now sign up :-)Stormbull10.09.07
calling all jupiter experts, fascists want to ...BuffaloBillBrunson23.08.07
Centaurian LegacyMike Fergione18.08.07
Fast and Furious Vol. 6 @ Turn 1 - needs players.vkauppin15.08.07
Replacement players needed & one game about to ...theAdmin14.08.07
phost give command and starbase buildMartin Keiter08.08.07
New game at theStarbasePaladin08.08.07
why all ships can't be identified correctlyBuffaloBillBrunson06.08.07
Web minesopen_solaris@hotm...01.08.07
[Announce] PHost 4.1a/3.5aStefan Reuther31.07.07
New Rounds @ PBEMZONE.deMarkus Rektor29.07.07
Looking for video clip of fleet battle VgapLord Lancelot24.07.07
combining explore maps with vpa and dos planetsBuffaloBillBrunson23.07.07
3 New Games ready for joining @ http://koti.mbn...vkauppin16.07.07
New games at High CommandMatthias14.07.07
planets4 game hosting at drewhead.orgAaron14.07.07