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Discussing the PBEM game VGA Planets version 4.

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Multiple transfer?General Khael11.08.08
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Error on wiki for Law?General Khael10.08.08
Excel sheets for ship list stats?General Khael09.08.08
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Plasma Gun obsolete?General Khael08.08.08
Space combat: Wanted changesGFM GToeroe07.08.08
Unbundle FunctionsBlack No.130.07.08
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Borg Prisoners / Borg killed in Combat converte...Lord Lancelot27.07.08
Lengths of vcr, super wepaons, escaping from vcrGFM GToeroe23.07.08
Planets4 and windows service pack 3 ?Lord Lancelot20.07.08
Vcr look wishesLord Lancelot18.07.08
Base Modus "Attack and Run"Phaidros17.07.08
Borg Assimiliation, troop conversionPhaidros16.07.08
P4 League Enlisting for Season 08/09Lord Lancelot16.07.08
Boarding, capturing and towingGeneral Khael15.07.08
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Minimum wing sizePhaidros11.07.08
Re: Minor Log bug concerning resortsDoc Who09.07.08
Bug or ment to be?Doc Who09.07.08
supply pods landing w/ life podsGeneral Khael05.07.08
Client 65e: Quickbuild resourcesPhaidros26.06.08
New game - Build your Empire and 5 custom shipsValkyris2k817.06.08
Currently tested behind the scenesGFM GToeroe16.06.08
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Apply and have fun (The continuous pole change ...Gabor Törö17.05.08
Lower income from labor mines?Phaidros16.05.08
Start of Tow during Movement PhasesPhaidros15.05.08
Retreat is currently brokenGFM GToeroe14.05.08
Attack from space without vcr?Phaidros13.05.08
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