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Saint John of the Cross 3-8-96

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St. John of the Cross says,
"We find there is a great absence of understanding
of what is morally right, morally sound, due to the fact
that mankind has become so lax in the importance of
purity in the mind and the body, because of the Soul
that is contained in each human life."

ON MARCH 8,1996 AT 12:56 P.M.


" I am Saint John of the Cross. It is difficult
for many who have never been present with this little
one to understand the spontaneity, the rapidity, that each
of Us speak in when We gather her attention to Our
Presence, for a Message to be delivered to not just those
who will be writing It firsthand, but It is to be delivered
throughout the world as soon as possible, because of
the Importance of the Subject.

Mankind throughout the world bases everything on
humanistic attention, values, and reason. Humanism to
mankind is a natural feeling, but it is not always rational
in its degrees of understanding the magnitude of what
human life was created for, or the Blessing that is placed
into each human life born to the world.

We see men, women and children looking at an
infant, and their thoughts register total innocence, total
dependence. This, of course, is correct, but what they
omit from their thinking at this time, is that this little
one will imitate many things that are done in front of
it, because the infant is capable of remembering what
it sees, what it feels, what it is subjected to.

The senses of the infant are evident in many ways.
This, of course, was planned by The Father, because
through the sense of touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell,
the infant becomes a part of all that surrounds it, and
all others who come in contact with it. It is a stage
of growing to be able to live amongst other human

It is important for mankind to also understand that
the growth process of a human life is in every area it
is exposed to. Speech is a very important one, because
the child imitates the speech, learns through others'
speech, and develops through this means a portion of
their whole being for the rest of their life.

When happiness radiates it develops within the
infant happiness, but it also instructs this little one about
different emotions in life, because when a child cries
it means that the infant is describing either an inward
feeling, or a feeling of displeasure for some reason that
needs attention immediately.

Now let us compare this to adult life. Many things
are already formed. The consciousness of the individual
is developed, even a subconsciousness regarding certain
things; the ability to express certain likes, certain
dislikes, talents, understanding regarding expression of
anger, hurts, desire to accomplish, to be a part of many
things that are occurring.

Human life has a distinctness in it, and in the
developing stage of growth physically, and mental
growth, mankind must understand that there is a great
importance for everyone in the process of growth, that
there is an Existence of a Higher Being, and that
everyone is responsible to this Higher Being for all that
they say, do, accept, and become a part of.

We find there is a great absence of understanding
of what is morally right, morally sound, due to the fact
that mankind has become so lax in the importance of
purity in the mind and the body, because of the Soul
that is contained in each human life.

We hear many who feel they are ministers of Faith
in God shout their reasoning, and feel that the shouting
will impress a great crowd to listen to them, and to
apply their way of life according to the instructions of
the 'so-called' leader. We also see many become
disillusioned by what they find no strength in, only the
egotism of the one who was directing them; then they
become disillusioned and become distracted by things
that are totally humanistic.

This Miracle of The Father's Love has deliberately
directed many, many, many Important Things to be
written, so that mankind of all ages, all colors, all creeds,
all degrees of understanding, will be the custodian of
the sound values of human life, the sound truths
beneficial to human life; also, that human life has a
Goal, and that is to return the Soul to God for All

It is sad when We hear those who feel they have
the ability to preach to others, but basically they lack
integrity in what they are able to accomplish, thus
causing confusion, and only draw attention to themselves.

This Miracle that bears the Name of The Beloved
Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit Of The Father, has given
to mankind Facts, Truths, Directions, so that everyone
reading What has been spoken will be able to digest
according to their abilities, the full meaning of the
importance of human life, and that Truth that is in it,
acknowledging the Soul that is a Portion of The Father
that must be returned to Him at a given time.
So be it."

Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
All Revelations are delivered spontaneously
and continuously as witnessed by all those
present at the time.
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