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Sleep For Good Health.

Von: Abel (abelmalcolm@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 17.05.2010 23:10
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There's only one way to determine if you've had enough sleep or
not...listen to your feelings.  If you feel that you haven't had
enough sleep, then you haven't had enough sleep.  According to
surveys, most Americans say that they don't feel like they sleep
enough.  There must be some truth to that, because Americans are not
sleeping as much as they used to.  The one thing that has thrown a
monkey wrench into our biological clock, more than any thing else, is
the advent of the light bulb.  People have been sleeping less and
less, ever since its invention, to the detriment of our collective

We differ in the amount of sleep we need.  The average is 8 hours,
although it varies wildly.  Some people get by on 4 hours a night,
others need 12.

Some people who function well say they're sleeping only one to two
hours a night, but upon closer medical observations, it turned out
that they slept more than twice that amount, but they were just not
aware that they were sleeping.  Doctors will tell you, and studies
have shown, that when you don't get enough sleep, it weakens your
immune system, reduces your glucose tolerance and it makes you
vulnerable to diabetes.  Not getting enough sleep is also associated
with an increase in obesity, hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

For those who suffer from insomnia, excercise is the best cure, but
you will have to get that excercise several hours before the time you
intend to sleep.  In the immediate aftermath of excercise, your body
metabolism is increased, and you therefore will tend be too hyped up
to sleep, probably for the next 4 hours or so.  You should excercise
more than 4 hours before bed time.  Doctors recommend that you
excercise as early as possible during the day, it's better to expose
your self to sunlight in the early morning hours.   Excercise has
many, many other health benefits too, it goes way beyond curing
insomnia, it seems to cure just about everything else you can think

How does sex affect sleep?  Here's what the medical experts say, if
the sex was a pleasant experience then you will sleep better
afterwards, if it was an unpleasant experience then it will make you
jittery and less likely to sleep.

A lot of people report that eating certain types of foods, right
before bed time, will help them sleep, such as turkey or fish or
drinking warm milk, honey, e.t.c.  A lot depends on your body
metabolism, how much you excercise during the day will affect that, so
if your metabolism is low then the food will not get digested fast
enough inside of you, and this will cause heartburn, keeping you awake
at night.

A drug called tryptophan, used in sleeping pills, is said to help you
sleep, but it doesn't work on every one.  For a lot of people,
Benadryl (an anti-histamine) works even better at inducing sleep.
Everyone's body is different, different things work for different
people, in different ways.  A warm shower, reading a book,
socializing, e.t.c., the best thing to do is experiment, and you'll
learn what works best for you in particular.

One thing for sure, if you suffer from insomnia, stay away from
cigarrettes, stay away from alcohol, stay away from any type of
caffeine or caffeinated products.  All these things have a disruptive
effect on your sleep.

Generally speaking, if you are in good health, you will sleep well.
And if you sleep well, then you are in good health.  Having a
difficult time sleeping could be a major symptom, of a hidden,
undiagnosed medical illness.  If that is the case, then you will need
to find out what your health issues are, treat that, and then you will
sleep better.  Sleep, also, is vital, in order to recover from
illnesses.  While you are asleep, your body is recuperating,
rejenerating and recovering.  Sleep is vital for a person's health.
Be very careful to avoid getting caught up in this viscious cycle of a
trap, where the less sleep you get, the worse your health becomes, and
the worse your health becomes, the less sleep you get.  Break out of
it this way, once and for all, this is what all the sleep experts
YOU NEED.  This is a good habit to develop.  And keep it for the rest
of your life.  A very healthy habit indeed.  Make it your routine.
Good night.

Abel Malcolm



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