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Learn the Importance of Winning the Candida Battle

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Originally published June 1 2010

Learn the Importance of Winning the Candida Battle

by Paul Fassa, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) What type of infection ranges from a female problem to a
cause of cancer? Candida Albicans is responsible for vaginal yeast
infections and, according to Italian oncologist and author of Cancer
is a Fungus, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, Candida is the breeding ground and
source for all cancer.

Somewhere between these two extremes are a variety of miseries that
Candida delivers. But anyone can handle most over grown yeast buildups
once detected. Everyone has some of that fungus among us. But when the
Candida Albicans overwhelms the healthy bacteria or intestinal flora,
this yeast takes over unabated.

Insufficient intestinal flora can be due to antibiotic use or poor
digestion from an extended bad diet heavy in sugar and starch and
lacking digestive enzymes.

Symptoms of Candida Albicans

* Chronic skin problems from itchiness to rashes to eczema
* Haziness and brain fog, inability to focus
* Chronic digestive problems, gas, bloating, cramps, erratic or poor
elimination, etc.
* Anxiety and/or irritability
* Compulsive obsessive disorder (COD)
* Intense starch and sugar cravings
* Mood swings, sudden outbursts of anger
* Chronic exhaustion or tiredness, depression

One should have most of these symptoms to consider testing for
Candida. There is the notorious morning upon rising spitting into a
glass of water test, where if the spit glob forms tentacles that
quickly droop down toward the bottom, it's a sign of Candida. But many
health experts disagree with that test as the sole indicator.

It's best to have your stool, maybe along with a mouth swab, analyzed
by a lab that provides such tests for the public or through a local
doctor. If you have symptoms of which any can be diagnosed as a
disease other than Candida, you can wind up getting matters
complicated with added misery. At least eliminate or confirm the
Candida prospect first.

Preventing or Getting Rid of It

Candida overgrowth must be curbed. Unchecked Candida can lead to
Systemic Candidiasis, which can cause symptoms that mimic many known
diseases and lead to a perforated bowel for Leaky Gut Syndrome. The
leak allows undigested proteins to invade the bloodstream. This
creates a reaction from the immune system against these unfamiliar
invaders that lead to food allergies of normally good foods.

So first eliminate Candida's favorite foods that contain starches and
sugars of any kind, including all sweets and fresh fruits, breads,
pastas, and white rice. It's steamed and raw vegetable time for a
while. Because the digestion has been hampered, steamed may be better
for now. Multi-strain probiotics need to be taken abundantly with some
serious enzyme supplements as well.

Some use grapefruit seed (not grape seed) extract to kill off part of
the fungus.

The Cancer Potential

Dr. Simoncini explains that a fungous infection is the basis of cancer
cell formations. The growth of the fungous colonies, together with the
reaction of the tissue that tries to defend itself against the
invasion, causes the tumors.

Dr. Simoncini has a high success rate curing cancer with direct
applications of Bicarbonate of Soda (baking soda) into the cancer
cells that he always finds embedded in yeast colonies. The fact that
he uses such an inexpensive, non-toxic substance for cancer cures
successfully has brought about attacks from the Medical Mafia.

Dr. Mark Sircus observes that baking soda increases alkalinity rapidly
to a high enough pH for cancer cells to die (since they thrive on low
pH or high acidity environments). So which comes first, the fungus or
the cancer cells is debatable, but certainly not worth risking.

Bottom line: It's wise to prevent or detect and eliminate Candida now.

Sources for more information include:

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About the author
Paul Fassa has managed to survive the Standard American Diet (SAD) and
his youthful folly by deprogramming gradually from mainstream health
ideology and studying holistic health matters informally with his wife
while incorporating them into his lifestyle as a vegetarian.
He also practices Chi-Lel Chi Gong, and he is trained as a polarity
therapy practitioner. He is dedicated to warning others of the
corruption of food and medicine in our time, and guiding others toward
a better direction for health. You can visit his blog at


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