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Have you ever seen Au/Cu "nuggets " that look like these ??

Von: kangarooistan (kangarooistan4@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 31.05.2010 18:12
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> What do you reckon ?

hi sir JPT and Arindam , I loaded a few PICS for you , in light of the
recent released pics of the Adelaide Hunt club gold cup 1970

Nuggets of Au/ Cu found in south Australia , hope it works / test

they are NOT natural native gold , but a molten alloys of copper
and gold , tiny ones from near the " white clay ' and larger nuggets
from UNDER burnt out old gum trees ,  found over a wide area over many
decades , but leaving little doubt where the central area is generally
speaking , It is possible they are old burnt cheap jewelery from
middle ranking citizenry ?? , several appear up to 75% Au /gold ,  but
most only about 40%Au

not economic to search for them but over time they keep turning up , I
know  others also find them also , a few a year , not enough to pay
petrol in reality , I dont " sell " mine as they will eventually lead
to the " mother load " the REAL value to prospectors / researchers ,
as their numbers increase a pattern emerges  and given time  point to
more and better rewards every year

They are not a naturally occurring mix of metals anywhere locally and
certainly NOT where located , triangulation of their location is their
greatest value to identify the source

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