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Forwarded message from S. Kalyanaraman

Animal glyphs of Indus script in pictorial compositions

Saturday, June 5, 2010


(Updated 6 June 2010)

Animal glyphs of Indus script in pictorial compositions

The entire corpus of Indus writing can be viewed as a set of pictorial
compositions. These have been documented as a Corpus of Indus
inscriptions. See the 8 slide shows of Epigraphia Sarasvati displaying
over 3000 inscriptions.

The compositions consist of glyphs, some are signs (like fish or
arrow or svastika) and some are pictorials such as those of animals,
portable furnaces, troughs.

A combination of glyphs constitutes a message conveyed on inscribed
materials such as a bangle, a copper plate, a weapon or tool, a seal,
a tablet, a potsherd.

A remarkable characteristic of the use of animal glyphs is that an
animal may be shown in isolation or in ligatures or in combination
with other animals or glyphs. Thus, animal glyphs constitute an
essential part of the message sought to be conveyed through the use
of glyphs as pictorial motifs in compositions.

o  Animal(s) are shown with a fish or bird glyph

o  Animals are shown flanking svastika glyph (sign?) within a border
and together with a scene showing a person seated on a leaf-less
branch of a tree

o  A trough is shown in front of an animal (wild animal or
domesticated animal)

o  Animals are showin in sets or two or more animals

o  Animals are shown ligatured to one-another creating composite
animal compositions

o  Animal is ligatured to or is shown carried by a person

That animals occur in such compositions is evidence that the decoding
of an Indus inscription has to decode the animal glyph. Without such
a decoding the reading of the message is not complete. To arbitrarily
claim that the animals were totem symbols is a cop-out.

Examples of such compositions including animal glyphs may be seen at


(Set of 73 powerpoint slides).

The decoding in rebus readings of mleccha lingua franca (linguistic
area of the civilization) links all the animal glyphs in the context
of smithy workshop and smith artisan’s repertoire.

That the animal glyph is an integral part of an inscription can be
seen from the following examples taken from this set of powerpoint
slides. Read on . . .


Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

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Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

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