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Datum: 07.06.2010 02:54
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If you'll examine both beastiality and necrophilia you will find that
besides the antiquated taboos associated with participation they are
totally victimless crimes. You cannot insult
the dead can you? The body is only a shell, what is wrong with
expressing your love in that
manner? The world is full of hate and war, we must allow our minds to
expand and embrace new concepts. When my father passed away {god rest
his soul} I had a fantasy of fondling his scrotum. I was able to make
this fantasy a
reality and it was good. I'm appalled that I had to keep this tender
moment secret for fear of being ostracized for a harmless but
satisfying act of love. There's nothing wrong with
expressing your love for another in such a manner just as there's
wrong with expressing your love with a non human entity such as a
Society makes harmless acts such as beast love dirty or wrong with its
unfounded taboos. Only egalitarian intellectuals like myself can see
the deceptions resulting from hundreds of years of misinformation
by the God-head priests. These are the same ones who take liberties
with your
son but will deny you the same right to love your son that way. Can
you smell it? Can you smell the pure hypocrisy?

Another harmless expression of love unjustly saddled with unfounded
stigma is
incest. Incest can be a pure expression of love between two family
members and
it's 100 percent harmless as long as it is supervised by an adult over
the age of twenty one.
In some parts of the world incest is considered to be a normal part
of the child's sex education. Any harm arises from a power imbalance
between the instigator and the other party. More harm is caused by
the intervention of social workers and police than is caused by
If force or coercion is involved then it is rape and sexual abuse.
is never all right.
Incestuous  behavior is as old as the act of sex itself. I've talked
many men who have fond memories of sharing this love with their
brothers and sisters. Some still share the bond with
family members in adulthood. As an egalitarian and champion for new
age values and rights,
I applaud this bold expression of affection and welcome it with open
arms!. We need more of
this. Sex is a pleasure that can be be enjoyed by the entire family.
Instead of watching some
idiotic movie together, Friday night could be a love night with the
whole family participating together. Smoking a small amount of
marijuana beforehand can enhance the total experience.
I want to free children from the tyranny of externally imposed
celibacy.  It is about giving children the right to choose with whom
they will have sex. Incest is actually good for children as long as
it is well supervised by a participating adult over the age of 21.

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