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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Indus writing legacy continues into historical periods


Updated 2 June 2010

The legacy of Indus writing on metal continued into the historical
periods with the use of Indus script glyphs on punch-marked coins
from ca. 6th century BCE spread over an extensive area from Gandhara
to Karur in India.

A pictorial depiction of koD (koSThagara, ‘place where artisans
work’, together with other Indus writing glyphs) occurs on Sohgaura
copper plate, pre-Mauryan inscription which is also in Brahmi script.
The Sohgaura copper plate inscription announces the setting up of two
community workshops for itinerant artisans to work in. The smithy
guild/caravan tradition of Sarasvati civilization continues into the
historical periods of pre-Mauryan times.

Another example of the survival of Indus writing is provided by
Rampurva copperbolt. The smiths who invented metallurgical techniques
and also invented the Indus writing system have left a legacy which
was continued by the smiths who made the Rampurva copperbolt which
fastened and held the Bull capital of 3rd cent. BCE to the pillar.

This explains why the Indus writing system is closely concordant with
the Indus metallurgical tradition. The smiths who invented alloying
also invented the Indus writing system. This is referred to as
mlecchita vikalpa, a cryptography or picture-writing by Vatsyayana as
one of the 64 arts to be studied by youth. It is notable that
mlecchamukha, mlecchaakhya means 'copper' (Skt.) The mleccha
vernacular speakers of mleccha vaacas (as distinct from grammatically
correct arya vaacas) were the copper-workers of the civilization
which is also an Indian linguistic area.

So was the Meluhhan merchant shown on an Akkadian cylinder seal  a
metal-worker who needed an interpreter to translate meluhha (cognate,

S. Kalyanaraman

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