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How did soldiers in remote hilltop guard posts sharpen their metal weapons ?

Von: kangarooistan (kangarooistan9@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 02.06.2010 15:43
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I know there are several documented hilltop bronze age lookouts /
forts / guard posts , and the guards probably maintained their own
weapons I assume

They probably used stone blocks that should have survived , although
they may have been scavenged as handy tools and worn out over time ,
they would have been in demand for many similar uses unless lost in
the rubble

Do you know of any hilltop guard-posts where  " sharpening " stones
like this have been located ???

Or pics of larger blocks that show similar markings  ??

In this case its overlooking an ancient mine site , and looks like its
been used to sharpen metal weapons of different sharpen

possibly from swords arrows and  axes IMHO

It arrears a very large and intense fire has "almost vitrified" , its
now almost glassy brittle , it " rings " when tapped  , a long slow
heating  and cooling  could produce this effect  , in a clay based
"mudstone" / " claystone " IMHO , perhaps the wooden fort was burnt ?

THIS stone , and it has not been reused to sharpen anything since it
was burnt

Do you know of others SIMILAR ??


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