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Re: Blu-ray discs sales figures are higher then HD DVD discs this year

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Datum: 19.08.2007 01:23
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|> The market itself will determine the best value, neither politics nor
| marketing.
|> At 25 GB vs. 15 GB, the advantage is in the hands of B-R.  More time at
| the
|> same compression, or less compress at the same time.  Or more data files
| on
|> your computer.
| A supportive look back:
| Betamax home video was first from Sony (1975 ) and had arguably better
| quality video.  When VHS was introduced, it quickly gained an advantage by
| having longer taping time per cassette.  According to one article I read,
| http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betamax, RCA pushed Matsushita for the LP VHS
| mode.  Apparently, the VHS time advantage was all that mattered.  I had both
| machines in the late 1970's/early 1980's and it mattered to me!  Tapes cost
| $25.00 each.

My Sony EIAJ deck needed tape reels that cost $39.95 for just one hour.
At one point I had 5 reels before I finally sold it.  I had it hooked up
to the baseband output of a JVC professional monitor and had to change
tapes real fast (it involved threading the tape around the head) to record
a two hour movie (and later rewind both).  I could deal with that.  But it
was getting expensive to buy tapes on a college student budget.  The 3/4
inch cassette deck came out so I sold the EIAJ and started to save for one
of those.  Never did get one.  But they do show up on EBay every now and
then these days (as do the IVC one inch reel-to-reel pro decks I really
wanted).  I finally broke down and got a VHS deck around 1987 (and it was
toasted by a lightning induced surge in 1994 that killed the CPU on it).
It was actually a very nice deck with insert editing which I used to cut
commercials on the fly as I recorded TV shows.  I would stop the record
just after commercials started and back it up to the start of commercials
and single frame to the first black and pause it.  It would then let me
switch to record while in pause and stay paused, and then go forward at
full speed when I hit play, all done right on the deck itself to avoid
remote latency.  Playback across those edits was very smooth.

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