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Re: Burglar in garage

Von: Steve B (deserttraver@fishymail.net) [Profil]
Datum: 19.03.2010 13:18
Message-ID: <ul6c77-9151.ln1@news.infowest.com>
Newsgroup: alt.home.repair
"Nonny" <somebody@cox.net> wrote in message
>I have a friend who discovered that her garage door was bent deeply inward
>at the top.  She reported it to the police, who explained that burglars
>frequently will pry the door inward near the top-center, then reach in and
>pull the disconnect rope.  This then permits the door to be raised.  A
>variation of this is to break out a glass window in the door for the same
> No report was filed with the police, since nothing seemed to be missing.
> The friend bought a new top section for the garage door and had it
> installed and asked me if I'd install a new operator to replace the old
> one that was original to the house.
> When I went to do the operator installation, I naturally tested the
> "weight" of the door to make sure the spring was adjusted properly.  What
> I found was that the door had virtually no lift from the spring at all.
> The fellow who installed the top panel did his work, he apparently never
> checked the spring tension.  The old operator, a screw drive Genie had
> plenty of power.  After years of faithful service, it finally had weakened
> the top panel enough that rather than open the door, it merely had jerked
> the top panel inward.  This was made worse by the tendency of the rubber
> strip at the bottom of the door to stick to the paint of the garage floor.
> I retensioned the spring properly and when the new operator was installed,
> all worked perfectly.  Not every instance of a bent-in door is evidence of
> a burglary.  It also points out the need to occasionally disconnect an
> operator and lift the door manually to verify adequate spring tension.
> --
> Nonny

Those springs can hurt you if you don't know exactly what you are doing.
Best left to a pro.  I looked at one once.  Got some rebar, and found it to
be very tensioned.  I called a pro.  He had some special bars, and said the
rebar would bend.  He had it right in five minutes, and charged me $20 cash,
as he was on his way home and near me.  He said he got a lot of jobs from
people who had tried to do their own, and some of them screwed up the door,
or themselves.  They ain't rocket surgery, but they are dangerous.


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