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Re: How big are surveyor pegs

Von: Steve B (deserttraver@fishymail.net) [Profil]
Datum: 19.03.2010 13:11
Message-ID: <496c77-f841.ln1@news.infowest.com>
Newsgroup: alt.home.repair
"Hustlin' Hank" <ninebal310@aol.com> wrote in message
On Mar 19, 5:06?am, mm <NOPSAMmm2...@bigfoot.com> wrote:
> How big are surveyor pegs?
> I've made arrangement to borrow a metal detector in the hope of
> finding one or more surveyor pegs. ?I'm at the corner of the
> development, so the original property was surveyed and perhaps pegged
> at my corner, and the previous owner of my house had his own survey,
> which might have resulted in pegs.
> So it occurs to me, if and when I find the peg, how do other people
> know I haven't moved it? ?My neighbor is suspicious enough to think I
> might do that. ?
> How long is it? ?Regardless, surely it can be removed with hand tools.
> And replaced 6 inches away. ? Hey! ?How do I know he didn't do that
> already? ?
> There has already been one survey here. I don't want to pay for a
> second.

Pins are usually 1" metal rods that extend below the frostline so they
won't be shoved up by freezing and thawing. It could be below grade by
a foot or so, depending on your location.

Where I live (central Ohio), the property line begins in the middle of
the road and extends towards the rear of the property. There is a 30'
easement from the middle of the road. So, you may, or may not, have a
pin on the front of your lot.

Unless you're putting up a fence, building, driveway and etc., there
isn't really a need to know where the pin is. But if you are
determined to find it, you may have difficulty finding it with a cheap
metal detector. The county courthouse should have records that state
who performed the last survey. It should be on your deed also. Call
the people who last surveyed it and see what they would charge you to
find it. It is usually at most a couple hundred dollars.


Hank, I have had metal detectors since 1980.  Brass is one of the easiest
things to find, even with a cheapo.


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