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Re: OT. Jewish Pirates.

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Datum: 04.06.2010 22:28
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On 6/4/2010 8:55 AM Sanity spake thus:

> "Peter" <pkent@netzero.com> wrote in message
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>> I've been as guilty as numerous others in perpetuating this wildly off
>> topic thread for this newsgroup.  However, as it refuses to die, here is
>> my contribution for the moment:
>> Although my politics is diametrically opposite, and I often find his
>> reasoning to be flawed, occasionally Charles Krauthammer hits one right
>> out of the ballpark.  Everyone who has followed or contributed to this OT
>> discussion of the recent Israeli blockade incident should read this OP-ED
>> piece in today's Washington Post:
> Peter, thank you for posting this article. To the rational and open-minded
> this will explain and bring out the truth. To the anti-semites, bigots,
> racists, etc., they will still ignore what it says and will still spread
> their hate and lies.

Krauthammer's article is so full of his usual toxic horseshit it's hard
to know just were to begin to answer it.

Here is the absolute distillation of the neocon's take on Israel vs. the
rest of the world, as is the case here in the attack on the flotilla.

It's just an extension of the usual "never again" absolutism, the tired
resort to the Holocaust as eternal justification to whatever the State
of Israel does to "defend itself".

Hamas is the *democratically elected* representative of the
Palenstinians in Gaza, like them or not.

I consider myself to be immune to the charge of being an anti-Semite as
I am a Jew myself.

For an alternative explanation of why Israel did what it did, read here:


Long story short: Israel does whatever it feels necessary to sabotage
any possibility of peace with the Palestinians, which it never intends
to accept.

The fashion in killing has an insouciant, flirty style this spring,
with the flaunting of well-defined muscle, wrapped in flags.

- Comment from an article on Antiwar.com (http://antiwar.com)

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