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Re: OT. Jewish Pirates.

Von: David Nebenzahl (nobody@but.us.chickens) [Profil]
Datum: 04.06.2010 22:55
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On 6/4/2010 1:38 PM Kurt Ullman spake thus:

> In article <4c096088$0$2380$822641b3@news.adtechcomputers.com>,
>  David Nebenzahl <nobody@but.us.chickens> wrote:
>> It's just an extension of the usual "never again" absolutism, the
>> resort to the Holocaust as eternal justification to whatever the State
>> of Israel does to "defend itself".
>> Hamas is the *democratically elected* representative of the
>> Palenstinians in Gaza, like them or not.
>     Of course merely being democratically elected is not the concern.
> The fact that they then attack Israel, or at absolute best allow the
> attacking of Israel, is the reason the Israelis are somewhat upset. If
> the rockets stop, then the blockade might, also.

You seem a little more rational than the other foamers-at-the-mouth
here, so I'll attempt to parlay with you.

Regarding the rockets: Oh, the rockets, all those thousands of rockets
the Palestinians fire at the Israelis: how could you have the least bit
of sympathy at those horrible people who are firing *all those rockets*???

Do you know anything about those rockets, those Qassams? Do you know how
crude and ineffective they are? Do you know that the people who do fire
them (and yes, some have been fired at Israel, though not the thousands
upon thousands that the Israeli propagandists have claimed) basically
light them, then pray that they might hit *something*? Anything?

Really, that excuse for Israel's disproportionate military actions is as
tired as Krauthammer's Holocaust comparisons. The proportion of
Palestinian killings of Israelis by their crude rockets to the
proportion of Palestinians killed by modern Israeli armaments (much of
them supplied by US, mind you) is minuscule. Tiny.

Sorry, I ain't buying it. If Israel ever showed any forthright intent to
change their policies toward Gaza and the Palestinians, the rocket
attacks would instantly cease, as they have in the past.

>> For an alternative explanation of why Israel did what it did, read here:
>> http://counterpunch.org/amiri06042010.html
>> Long story short: Israel does whatever it feels necessary to sabotage
>> any possibility of peace with the Palestinians, which it never intends
>> to accept.
>     The blockade in question is a (and has been from the start) a joint
> production of Egypt and Israel. Yet the flotilla decided to run only the
> Israeli side. Hard to make the suggestion that this is only an Israeli
> attempt to derail peace efforts, when the Egyptians supported it.

Yes, Egypt has been shamefully complicit in enforcing the blockade. And
I'm not exactly a fan of Egypt's corrupt government, like too many other
Arab governments. (In which category I place the Palestinian Authority,
which is both Israel's and the U.S.'s preferred agent in the occupied

But Egypt did immediately lift their closure of the Gaza border after
the flotilla attack, to their credit.

The fashion in killing has an insouciant, flirty style this spring,
with the flaunting of well-defined muscle, wrapped in flags.

- Comment from an article on Antiwar.com (http://antiwar.com)

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