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Lovecraft Fans neededSJamieson06.06.10
The Secret of Merrow's Bayicarpenter@aol.com05.06.10
Pazuzu Manifestation - A Free Fantasy-Horror EbookIsylumn03.06.10
Cthonians at workicarpenter@aol.com01.06.10
SIN & ashes by Pulvericarpenter@aol.com14.05.10
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REH Poetryicarpenter@aol.com05.05.10
Idle conjectureicarpenter@aol.com05.05.10
Worlds of Cthulhu magazine canceledAaron Vanek04.05.10
New anthology call for subs spottedwilliemeikle04.05.10
The Calling - new from Boom Studiosicarpenter@aol.com03.05.10
a poem: Unquiet DreamsGrendelvs19.04.10
Cthulhu Rhyming Limericksjames ambuehl10.04.10
Cthulhu's Reignicarpenter@aol.com10.04.10
My ridiculous wish list...icarpenter@aol.com08.04.10
The Resident Evil Den and more horror action fi...Ebooky08.04.10
Illustrated version of The Shadow Over Innsmout...icarpenter@aol.com07.04.10
Anyone ever read Young Ronan by O'Brien?icarpenter@aol.com06.04.10
Some online comics, free and otherwiseicarpenter@aol.com06.04.10
The ReturnDavid Riley06.04.10
What ever became of...Richard Upton Pickman?icarpenter@aol.com02.04.10
The Best of Best Cthulhu Mythos Tales, The Last...David Conyers02.04.10
Dark Awakeningsicarpenter@aol.com01.04.10
new trailer for the HP Lovecraft Historical Soc...Aaron Vanek01.04.10
News from Joe PulverMagister01.04.10
Negative Influences: Mythos/Lovecraftian WorstsJohn Goodrich30.03.10
Just Wrapping up Cthulhu's ReignWill DuPower26.03.10
any info on opening Mythos anthos?Grendelvs23.03.10
Look what I scored!icarpenter@aol.com17.03.10
OT: Midnight Eye Filesicarpenter@aol.com10.03.10
New adaptation of Call of Cthulhuicarpenter@aol.com10.03.10
Elder Script (translation)Aaron Vanek09.03.10
Interview with David Conyers of IFPicarpenter@aol.com09.03.10
Lovecraft by Rodionoff, Breccia and Griffenicarpenter@aol.com08.03.10
Some trifles I came across on Amazon recentlyicarpenter@aol.com08.03.10
Stephen King's NDreadstar06.03.10
Weird Words by Cloreicarpenter@aol.com05.03.10
update on The Whisperer in Darkness from HPLHSicarpenter@aol.com03.03.10
The Yith Cycle from Chaosiumcynick03.03.10
Music of Erich ZannTJ02.03.10
The short fiction of Basil Coppericarpenter@aol.com19.02.10
The Womb of Time from Perilous Pressicarpenter@aol.com16.02.10
B&N Lovecraft in print again - but...Magister16.02.10
Cthulhu 2012 anthowilliemeikle15.02.10
Blood Will Have Its Season?Steve Roby14.02.10
If modern authors rewrote Lovecraft classics...Kurumi13.02.10
win a custom Lovecraft painting for Haiti Reliefpaul@paulcarrick.com13.02.10
Visions by Lupofficarpenter@aol.com12.02.10