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Re: I have a problem with this:

X-FaceVon: Jonathan N. Little (lws4art@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 05.05.2010 04:34
Message-ID: <hrqlci$d3g$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: alt.html
dorayme wrote:
> In article<hrpbnh$ted$1@news.eternal-september.org>,
>   "Jonathan N. Little"<lws4art@gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Jonathan N. Little wrote:
>>> Oh dorayme am I being too hard on poor Jenn?
>> Not knowing is forgivable, we all start there. The real crime is to
>> obstinately refuse to rectify the ignorance...
> I see something else and do not share the view that the refusal
> is absolute. Look, I understand you have had kids.

You bet'cha

> Did you not
> ever experience giving a bit of sensible advice only to find that
> it was rejected on the surface but slowly slowly the natural good
> sense of the kids come around to it in their own time?

Yes, but children have the excuse that they are children and don't know
any better. Learning is part of growing up, and growing up is learning
to recognize what is useful and true even is it conflicts with presently
held views.

> Sometimes,
> you need to give these things a bit of time to be absorbed and
> sometimes a gentler approach is needed in discussion with some
> people (not only ladies but especially with ladies - they tend to
> have fine sensibilities, thank God!).

Sorry, I was always under the impression that to be a professional one
had to actually know one's craft. Also that that knowledge was not
static, especially where technology is involved. Everyone's ire rose
when she make proclamation that validation was irrelevant, CSS was of
little use, and tables are the gold-standard for proper web design
layout. Instead of supporting her assertions her examples proved the
opposite. When the fragility of her designs and deficiency of her code
was revealed, (in some cases where the page did not even work in non-IE
browsers), she cried foul of sexual harassment!

Pleeeeease, I can speak for myself I don't give a rats if she was male,
female, martian or whatever you are. Ask Mason, or Luigi! Jukka can bunt
to the point of brutal, but he is usually correct and I have learn a lot
from him. So buck it up Jenn! Stop being such a victim and consider that
the criticism just might be justified. If you approach has not changed
in 10 years that *is* a problem. Try and view your work with a different
browser, a with different default font size, a different system. And
recognize when your page fails in one of them it is a problem and your
fault. If it looses sales for your clients then that is no LOL.

Take care,


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