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Re: I have a problem with this:

X-FaceVon: Jonathan N. Little (lws4art@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 12.05.2010 15:45
Message-ID: <hseb9k$n5c$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: alt.html
Sherm Pendley wrote:
> dorayme<dorayme@optusnet.com.au>  writes:
>> But what
>> about the lack of the functional dashes (the working dashes, the
>> ones that keep this joint jiving nicely) before the sig? You can
>> run, Sherm, on this, but you can't hide.
> I'm not running or hiding, just saying - I don't have a sig. Even when
> I do, I still write "sherm--" *above* the sig delimiter, because that's
> not part of the sig.
> sherm--

Hmmm could it be you don't know what a signature is? Okay, let's proceed
on that very unlikely assumption instead of the alternative that you are
being annoying on purpose.

You identify yourself with the characters "sherm--". You use the
identifying string to close (to conclude a correspondence) your post
after the content. It is not content, but just an identifier that
indicates that the above remarks were written by you. That *is* a
signature. Yes you are not placing your signature within a signature
block, that is the problem, but it still is a signature! Now if you
would please stop being obstinate and simply place 4 characters (hyphen,
hyphen, space, carriage return) before your identification string
(whatever you wish to call it) it would then conform to protocol. Yes it
is a small thing, but it is also a courteous and right thing to do. Then
folks don't have to constantly snip out your "identification string"
from their replies. Is that so hard? In fact if you have a decent
newsreader you can configure it to insert it automatically and save you
keystrokes if you are so lazy.

Take care,


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