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Ibd AlMadzjid Bin Dzjalon?

Von: frans (nomail@all.invalid.nl) [Profil]
Datum: 30.09.2006 18:21
Message-ID: <451e99bb$0$4513$e4fe514c@news.xs4all.nl>
Newsgroup: alt.languages.arabic
Hello to all!
A friend has bought a book while on a trip in Morroco, and she likes it very
very much. Now she tries to find more books of this writer, novels or
poetry, in Arabic or in English, but she has not been able to find
any.....in the Netherlands (thats were she lives).
Perhaps someone here knows this writer?
From Arabic to Latin - how do I write it...?: Ibd AlMadzjid Bin Dzjalon...?
This way of writing is probably totally inorrect... But perhaps someone
recognizes the name and can tell me how to write it correctly so I can
search the internet for it...? Or perhaps you even can tell me if this
writer has written more - or is even translated in English?


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