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Study Arabic in Palestine

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Palestine Summer Encounter participants study Arabic in a traditional
classroom setting AND through cultural immersion: by living with a
host family and interacting with an Arabic-speaking community.
Participants also have the opportunity to volunteer with a local
church, nonprofit or humanitarian organization. There is no better way
to study Arabic than by living in an Arabic-speaking country!



On May 24th, 2007 eighteen participants representing five countries
joined us in Bethlehem to participate in the Palestine Summer
Encounter (PSE) program. The group included undergrads, PhD
candidates, accountants, a retiree, a doctor and even a nuclear
physicist. As PSE participants, they will have the opportunity to
become a part of the local culture and community through homestays,
assist in community development through volunteer work, practice their
Arabic skills and study the Occupation and its effects.

Enthusiastic host families graciously receive these internationals as
members of their own family.  Participants live in family homes for
the entire duration of their stay, practicing Arabic and gracious Arab

For those who are interested in taking part of this incredible
experience, there is still time!  We have two months remaining for our
2007 Palestine Summer Encounter and we are currently accepting
applications!  You can find out more information and locate our
application by visiting our website:



New Dates and Deadlines:

Two month Option:

Dates: June 21st-August 16th
Application Deadline:  June 11th

One Month Options:

Option #1
Dates: June 21st-July 19th
Application Deadline: June 11th

Option #2
Dates: July 19th-August 16th
Application Deadline: July 9th


Contact us!

Peter Ryan
Middle East Fellowship


(626) 797-7904 (Phone)
626-797-7906 (Fax)


Eight Reasons to Join us in Palestine this Summer

1. You'll See The Situation Firsthand

There's only so much you can learn by watching the 6 o'clock news or
reading history books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is why
fact-finding missions to the Middle East are so important. Frequently,
those who participate in Travel and Encounter programs describe their
trips as "life-changing experiences." By visiting the region and
seeing the situation firsthand, you will learn a tremendous amount
about the daily life of Palestinians under Occupation. You'll also
have the opportunity to meet with Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers:
people who have devoted their lives to bringing peace with justice to
the Holy Land.

2. You'll Serve As A Witness For Peace

Palestinians who have suffered through more than thirty years of
Occupation often feel that the world has abandoned them. As more and
more of their land is confiscated, more and more of their homes are
demolished and more and more of their citizens are killed they wonder:
why is no one standing up for us in the world community? This is why
some Palestinians are cheered by the presence of international
witnesses for peace, who are willing to live among Palestinians and
learn from them. It reminds them that there are still people in the
international community who believe that Palestinians should be able
to live with freedom, peace, security and independence. It helps bring
a small amount of hope into a situation that has caused an enormous
amount of suffering.

3. You'll Support The Palestinian Economy

According to a BBC report, the Palestinian economy lost 22,000 jobs in
the first half of 2004. Closures and checkpoints, both of which halt
or slow business and trade, have helped cripple the Palestinian
economic sector. Those Palestinians who rely on tourism--such as hotel
owners, gift shop owners, craft makers or artisans, and tour guides--
have also been hard hit. The Palestine Summer Encounter will not be a
lavish or expensive trip, but it will bring some much needed funds
into Palestine.

4. You'll Learn Arabic In An Arabic-Speaking Country

It's very hard to learn a foreign language if you don't have access to
native speakers. The best way to learn Arabic is to immerse yourself
in an Arabic-speaking culture. This way, you're sure to be able to
practice the Arabic skills you learn outside of the classroom.

5. You'll Gain Crucial Skills As A Volunteer

As a volunteer in a foreign country, you're certain to develop many
valuable skills. In addition to the types of skills you would develop
by working for any nonprofit or humanitarian group, you'll develop
important skills in the area of cross-cultural communication. It'll
also make a great addition to any resume.

6. The Food Is Excellent

Seriously, if you're not already familiar with Arabic cooking, you're
in for a treat. The Arabic speaking world is famous for its great
cuisine and its unparalleled hospitality!

7. You Can Get College Credit

The Arabic class is taught through the Bethlehem Bible College. Check
with your university or college advisor beforehand to discuss
transferability in terms of units. Additionally, many industrious
students can find ways to earn additional units through independent
studies and student projects. (Note: the Palestine Summer Encounter is
open to all ages and not just for students!)

8. You'll Be Able To Share Your Experiences With Others

Most people, regardless of their cultural or political perspectives,
are interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unfortunately,
despite their interest, most people are not receiving very good
information about what is actually happening on the ground in
Palestine and Israel. By sharing your experiences from the Palestine
Summer Encounter with others, you can help your friends and family
learn more about the current situation in the Middle East.
Additionally, Middle East Fellowship and Holy Land Trust are eager to
help prepare participants for interviews with local newspapers and
radio programs if they are interested in sharing their experiences
with a wider audience.

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