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New Book on Money Launderer

Von: Michael Hannon (mfhannon@charter.net) [Profil]
Datum: 06.06.2007 17:07
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Has anyone seen this website:

or read the recently published book titled:
"De man die onzichtbaar wilde blijven" by Jan Libbenga and Arnoud Groot?

I am interested in getting translation help. It's the expose of a
man who has committed worldwide frauds and money laundering for huge
amounts of money, involving such things as a fake van Gogh
(from Michel van Rijn at

"The Greatest Art Find of the 20th Century"

Hard-hitting Dutch investigative journalist Henk Schutten unmasks mega
art fraud involving fake Van Gogh's in today's Dutch Newspaper 'Het
Parool'. The multi million-dollar fraud is currently being successfully
marketed in the USA.

This 'art' collection had been previously impounded in Switzerland,
became the laughing stock of the European art world and has now hit
America. Big Man on Campus behind the screen is Robert Jan Doorn who is
presently hiding in- and operating from Curacao, an island in the Dutch

Just as the collection, Robert Jan Doorn did time in Switzerland. He was
arrested for drug money laundering, and is in addition to this since the
eighties persona non grata in the US.

International operator on a grand scale, Robert Jan Doorn was the
'mastermind' behind a failed coup in 1980 in the New Hebrides.
In 1989 Forbes writes that Doorn is the Chief money launderer and expert
for the world major drug cartels.
Quote: "Swiss and US authorities who say Doorn has done a lot of work
for drugs and arms traffickers. His typical fee is ten percent of the
money cleaned up," Unquote

In 1991 Doorn is extradited from Holland -for the first time in Dutch
history Holland extradites one of its citizens- to Switzerland to face
charges for international money laundering. Doorn is conveniently
released after several weeks on a technicality; returns to Holland to
find the Dutch authorities investigating his real estate emporium.
Shortly after the collapse of his Dutch Trading House, Doorn flees to
the Dutch Antilles where he presently enjoys the sun.

The book is only published in Nederlands, and although I am learning the
language as fast as I can, I cannot keep up translating it and
translation software doesn't help much, apparently because it has a lot
of idiomatic expressions in it. I feel that this is quite an important
book because the man is still at large and may have scams going as I'm
writing this that will eventually hurt even more people.

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