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cijfers, ÿ, ij

Von: Daniel Chicayban Bastos (dbast0s@yahoo.com.br) [Profil]
Datum: 12.11.2008 12:27
Message-ID: <slrnghlf6q.1s2.dbast0s@lisa.us.syncsort.com>
Newsgroup: alt.languages.dutch
I'd like to take this opportunity to ask about ÿ, and ij. In case you
can't see ÿ, notice that every time I write it, I mean the y letter with
the trema on top: "y. In fact, I produce it with my text editor by
typing " and then y. My editor can read some of these notations and
produce the right letter --- my keyboard is still configured as a US

I was explained that ij is a workaround for ÿ; that the letter is really
ÿ, not ij. I'm curious as to what is formally correct. My dutch book was
printed in 2005 and uses ij, but the new versions of it are using ÿ. So,
I figure both are acceptable, but feel free to say your opinion.

I think I do prefer writing ij.

(*) Cijfers

My translator gives me ``figures'' for ``cijfers''. ``Getal'' comes as
``number''. If I give it ``number'', it gives me aantal, and ``numbers''
come as ``nummers'' while if I give it ``Numbers'' it tells me
``Numbers.'' I figure it does not translate. That's google translator.


In any case, we can see that number is an important word in Dutch. :) We
have cijfer, getal, aantal, and nummer. Interestingly, plural or
singular seems to yield a different choice of word.

Should I write éénentwintig or
ééntwintig or eenentwintig or something
else? How about tweënentwintig? Do I put the trema, or not?

Google translates tweënentwintig to ``the twenty-second way.'' It
translates all others properly. I thought it should say just twenty-two,
but perhaps I'm misspelling it.

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