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http://tinyurl.com/22kwlov  Tom Rau's More Obese Slug defamation.

-Dai Uy sends (Tom Rau)

1. Rau went on to say:

2. "If you are a fat, tobacco smoking, drunk, sitting on a motorised
flag bedecked scooter, sucking VA oxygen, and telling war stories in
the lobby of the VA clinic to others just like you and drawing 100%.
("fuckin' agent orange, man") You know what I'm talking about."
Tom Rau

Rau went on to say:

3. "There are more comments, but they tend to agree with the point of
view that Nick and I share regarding phonies, wannabes, and whiners
clogging the VA system and preventing deserving veterans from getting
the assistance they've earned and deserve. Some vets claiming Agent
Orange caused their type II diabetes are "whiners and manipulators."
Tom Rau

Rau then ducked when I asked him the source for his information:

Rau Said:
4. "Which is why I have stated that I would not post the names of
those obese slugs receiving 100% compensation even if I knew them."

Tom Rau

Doug Says: Mr. Rau, your reference to all Type II diabetes sufferers
due to
Agent Orange as "obese slugs" is noteworthy as it fits well into your
typical condescending remarks about all Vietnam Veterans except of
yourself and your gang members, and perhaps those that wore green
hats. But
you are again ducking the point that you said you *knew* a veteran
received a 100% disability for Type II diabetes, and that he
manipulated the
VA to get that award.

1. Note that Mr. Rau is still refusing to reveal his source that has
trafficking in personal and private VA information about disabled
which had to be stolen from the Veterans Administration computers.
If you are a Vietnam Veteran do not allow the dregs on this forum to
con and
intimidate you from going to the VA like the American Cancer
states below and determining whether you suffer from a dioxin type
malady. In my opinion, people like Tom Rau could cost you your life
such outrageous intimidation and denigration of those Vietnam Veterans
*deserve* medical care for the failures of our idiot officer corps in
Vietnam, such as authorizing and spraying a Dioxin.

Tom Rau is a pathetic former Junior Reserve officer, and he appears to
be more concerned with
hiding the culpability of his fellow gin and tonic swilling officers
allowed these outrageous exposures to occur than standing up for the
of Vietnam Veterans.

But then we all have run into such "officers" before if we served in

True Valor

Tom Rau says he draws disability retirement pay from the US Army.  But
then he boasts about climbing mountains in Hawaii, and working with
teams to clear brush from mountains.  Most of the truly 100% disabled
Vets I know can barely walk, not to mention perform hard labor.

Yet Tom Rau says the Vets (mostly enlisted men) that are disabled due
to Agent Orange or other maladies associated with that toxin are
"scamming the VA out of money."  But I wonder, considering Mr. Rau's
"disability" yet he is still able to perform hard labor for fun and
profit, I must wonder who is scamming whom?

IT must be great to be a former OCS reserve Junior officer - you get
retirement disability pay although you still can perform intense hard
labor - while the enlisted men get the VA and pittance if they are

In the history of warfare,  disease and injury (as a result of wounds
or not) have taken many more Solider's lives than the enemy has.

If someone goes to Vietnam and contracts a deadly disease due to
exposure to the toxins our political leaders approved (and owned big
time stock in) - compared to someone that received a minor shrapnel
wound and recovered completely, which Solider do you believe was
injured the most or suffered more for his country?

You be the Judge - but the answer is obvious.

A few pompous asses and condescending con men that received minor
wounds and recovered from them seem to want to denigrate all others
that might have contracted a terrible disease due to their service ,
but was able to avoid any major wounds (and did not whine and cry for
medals for minor wounds like they did).

Are these pompous asses  denigrating these veterans because they are
ashamed of themselves and need to bolster their pathetic egos?  Or is
it due to some other mental or perverse reason?

I believe ALL veterans that suffered anything for their country,
wounds, disease, mental problems (such as some of the men today are
suffering from - how would have you like to have been rotated back to
Vietnam three or four times in as many years) - are all equal in
valor, and deserve my admiration for their duty and service.  I
include even the dregs that denigrate other veterans - as obviously I
did include mental problems.

Doug Grant (Tm)

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