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Lt Gen faces sexual misconduct charges

Pioneer News Service
The Pioneer
Friday, June 4, 2010

Indraprasth aka New Delhi - The Army is embroiled in a major
controversy with a Lt General facing allegations of sexual
misconduct. While preliminary investigations are on, the authorities
have denied that the officer has been asked to quit.

The case came to light when the wife of a Colonel levelled
allegations of misconduct against Lt General AK Nanda, Engineer-in-
Chief, during an official trip to Israel last month. "Preliminary
investigations indicated that there were loopholes in the
allegations," officials said in New Delhi on Thursday, adding that
investigations were still on to ascertain facts.

They denied reports that Nanda had resigned and said, "He has neither
resigned nor was asked to resign." The officer continues to hold the
post of the Engineer-in-Chief, the officials added.

Investigations began after the woman, wife of the Lt General's
technical secretary, complained to the Army Wives Welfare Association
(AWWA) about the alleged misconduct by Nanda. The AWWA is headed by
the wife of the Army chief, General VK Singh, and the matter was
reported to Singh. The alleged incident took place during a five-day
official trip to Israel, starting May 7.

Reacting to the allegations, Nanda's wife Neerja said, "My husband is
being targetted. Allegations were made after Colonel CPS Pasricha was
removed from the post of technical secretary. My husband has not quit
and let the Army conduct an enquiry. Truth will prevail."

She also said that wives had accompanied their husbands on the trip
and "there was nice cordial interaction between the families." When
asked about the specific allegation of misconduct, Neerja refrained
from replying.

Reports hinted that Nanda's technical secretary, who had expressed
his displeasure and unwillingness to work under Nanda, was posted to
Bhopal and a new officer was asked to take over as the new technical

Nanda, 59, is a Bengal Sappers officer and was chief of the Border
Roads Organisation (BRO) before assuming the present responsibility
last year in September.

The Army has in the recent months suffered a dent in its image with
the alleged involvement of senior officers in the Sukna land
controversy. Four officers including former military secretary Lt Gen
Avadesh Prakash are facing a court of inquiry.

General Singh, who took over as the new chief two months back, said
he would accord top priority to uphold the image, core values and
ethics of the Army. Incidentally, a major general was found guilty
two years back on charges of harassment levelled by a junior woman


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