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I have better things to do than be forced to rebut the cons, fraud,
false accusations, serial lying, forgeries, lies and deceptions by
omission, and general fraud and obloquy that Nigel Brooks and some of
his hate/smear/con gang members are repeatedly posting on the Internet
about me.  But as long as they continue with their hate, harassment
and false accusations, I will continue to defend myself with rebuttals
that prove their fraud and accusations precisely what they are -
serial lying, con man forgeries, deceptions via lies by omissions, and
a host of other fraud, cons, false accusations and obloquy.

Note first  that Nigel Brooks and some of his hate/smear/con gang
members maintain a web site and a Google Newsgroup designed to
EXCLUSIVELY harass, defame me with fraud, serial lying, outright con
man fraud, and of course libel, which forces me to rebut their fraud
with these truthful rebuttals.   Note that even one key gang member
has attempted recently to use extortion to try and stop me from
defending myself with my rebuttals to their fraud.  So apparently,
while Mr. Brooks and Mr. Rau hide, they have incited or instructed
their gang members to continue with the hate, fraud and false
accusations, and to continue the five-year smear campaign these con
men have been waging against me.  Not to mention the fact that Nigel
Brooks still maintains and updates regularly his hate group and hate
web site dedicated *exclusively* to publishing hate, fraud, smears,
harassment, lies, forgeries, deceptions and lies by omission, and
personal attacks, and to clearly and maliciously incite and direct
others to do the same, about me.

I have offered Nigel Brooks (and/or any of his con/hate/smear gang
members) the opportunity to take their fraud and false accusations to
the American Association of Arbitrators, or to any legal department of
any University they select, and if either of those entities agrees
Nigel Brooks in respect to his accusations about me, I will pay for
their services. HOWEVER, if those legal experts agree that my
rebuttals are correct and accurate, then Nigel Brooks and/or his
smear/hate/con gang members pay for the independent legal analysis.
Nigel Brooks and his gang members run, duck, hide, cower, piss their
pants, and snivel pathetic excuse after pathetic excuse to hide from
and refuse my hundreds of offers to take this issue to independent
legal experts . . .  and the reason is obvious - they know they are

Also note that I challenged Nigel Brooks to just *name* or produce any
document he claims exists in my military records that disproves any
statement of fact I have posted about my military service.  Yet after
years of Nigel Brooks' and members of his hate/smear/con gang
claiming such a document exists in my records - Nigel Brooks and all
of his gang members run, cower, hide and pisses their cowardly panties
each time I issue or post this challenge!

Obviously, Nigel Brooks and his hate/smear/con  gang members that have
fraudulently  referenced my military records in any negative manner
have been conning, and using serial lying and fraud about this issue
for years - and if you do not believe Nigel Brooks is a con man and
fraud merchant by now  you need to wake up and smell the voluminous
cons and bullshit burning that comes from these dregs, cowards and
clowns.  (More than ten thousand personal attack posts  against me so
far and counting!).

I also recently  allowed Brooks 30 days to remove those said hate web
sites he has dedicated to smearing and defaming me with fraud, false
accusations, serial lying and malicious obloquy.  Nigel Brooks refused
to removed his offending web sites as he clearly wishes his hate gang
to continue with the smear campaign they have been waging against me
for the past five years.

http://tinyurl.com/lwelno  My disclaimer and more information about
Nigel Brooks cons and fraud can be found in the above URL.  My
standard disclaimer applies to this post and all of my other USENET
posts, past, present or future.

Rebuttal Begins:


http://tinyurl.com/2f3lxrw  Ph.d rebuttal.  Brooks responded to this
post in January 2009 and even a previous one about this topic in May
2008 and yet another one in October 2007  as is  evidenced below.

So why on June 5, 2010 is is Nigel Brooks hiding the contents of these
past aforesaid posts about this Ph.D issue,  and making such goofy
statements such as Ph.D's are NEVER awarded as an Honorarium from any
school while once again using some soothsaying to claim I am lying
about something that he does not, and never will, have even a smidgen
of a clue about?
Brook's t statement is almost as stupid as Tom Rau claiming senior
NCO's are exclusively E-8's and E-9's, and not E-7's!  Amazing a
former junior officer OCS reserve wonder would not even know the US
Army's NCO ranks!  But that is typical of a Nigel Brooks smear gang
member, and we ALL know we do not consider them too high on the mental
efficiency tree.

Here is a direct contradiction to Nigel Brook's incredible claim
directly from Wikipedia:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A quote from the above URL:

"The degree of Doctor of Philosophy was the most junior of
the doctorates, generally granted as honorary degrees to
select and well-established scholars"

So obviously,  Brooks' claim that somehow he *knows* that the gaming
school that awarded me the Honorarium did NOT award it to me, and he
bases his statement on some ridiculous claim that no schools award
such Honorariums, is beyond the normal outer space, goofball, idiotic
bullshit we normally see coming from Nigel Brooks, this is right up
there along the "drooling fool" level.

Regardless,  Brooks is stating that without any knowledge of the
school, nor the conditions, nor the manner, nor the method, or even a
smidgen understanding of the reasons, he proclaims, via mind reading
again I suspect,  that I was not awarded the Honorarium that I said I

So how would Brooks know this?  Soothsaying?  Reading the palms of
Vietnamese whores?  Standing on a step ladder to look into the mirror
and reading the hate wrinkles on his face?  God only knows - but if
you read the following I have a way you CAN VERIFY I RECEIVED

That source will verify in an instant that I invented and own what I
said I did.  Are you interested in finding out the truth and proving
Nigel Brooks has been caught in mid con again? Read below and just
shake your head at this pathetic smear merchant and con man as I do
every day:
(If you would like to see irrefutable proof, just email me and ask).

Is Brooks going off the deep end?

Here is what Brooks read and responded to in January 2009 as evidenced
by the URL above:

"Also, note below why I said I received this honorary Ph.D from the
gaming school.  I invented a process known as Floating Zones (with
help from a math professor). You verify that simple statement that
clearly was made way back in January 2009 and May 2008 as the URL's
below prove.

End Disclaimer - Rebuttal  Begins below:
In a recent post Nigel Brooks brought attention to a quip I made about
having an Honorary  PhD in statistics.  As usual Nigel is hiding my
context, past posts about this issue, and he is implying that I am
lying.  I
have told Nigel several times that my reference was to an Honorary PhD
was awarded to me from a Gaming School in the State of New York, which
the only school that was ever awarded a license by that State to
gaming systems and information.

Brooks then fraudulently said (without any proof as usual) that I
owned the
school that gave me the award.  Brooks lied.  I did own stock in the
but I was not the owner nor was I the  principal shareholder.

The Honorary degree was awarded to me for researching and finding
that changed the  statistical properties  of casino games to a degree
it was
considered a revolutionary discovery.  It also convinced the casinos
start to use shuffling machines instead of humans to shuffle shoe
games in
respect to the game of Blackjack and Baccarat.  (Shoe games typically
contain four, six or eight decks of cards).

Without getting into the very complicated statistical analysis of
how my discovery applied to the practical applications of the game of
Blackjack, it is enough to say that I proved the cards in the game of
Blackjack, in respect to shoe games, were not being randomized by a
shuffle.  And more importantly, certain card flow events that occurred
in a
"parent" shoe would repeat in the most immediate subsequent "child"
(Parent meaning the first shoe and child meaning the immediate

I named this statistical process "Floating Zones" and I copyrighted
entire analysis, process and system derived from the discovery.  This
copyright verification can be found by accessing the United States
of Congress,  Copyright Division and searching for my copyrights.  You
find "Floating Zones" listed among my several copyrights.

Disproving that what was theretofore believed by every statistician in
world, which was  thoroughly shuffling decks of cards together would
randomize their subsequent production, was something that interested
different groups, universities and their respective math departments.
Consequently, several of my instructors and myself were invited by
prestigious organizations to lecture them about this new discovery.
gaming school of course believed such an invention warranted a
which they provided.

I never said I went to any school to earn a PhD as Brooks is
suggesting I
claimed, and he already knew this fact long before he implied I did,
as the
following URL's clearly prove:


May 27, 2008 rebuttal to Nigel which he
acknowledged with a reply:

"Doug Says: First, since the "fought in South America for the United
States Army" is your statement not mine, and second since I did not
either of the companies you indicated above, and third since the
Honorary award was not in the State of New Jersey, and fourth the
Honorary award was in "Gaming Statistics" and not just statistics,
fraud is overflowing your small cup of a brain again.

I repeat, the only
entity that was authorized to teach gaming by the State awarded me
Honorary PhD. And no, I did not own the College.

1Where do you get this shit Nigel? You certainly must have some
You know, something to back up your claims? No? Now why am I not
surprised? You should really read my disclaimer. And before you accuse
me, I will now state categorically that I was not a member of Delta
force, *hehehehehehehe* and I was not a member of the Martian Special
Forces, and I did not own a College that was approved to teach gaming
that awarded me an Honorary PhD due to my research on "Floating Zones"
and I am not Rambo, and I do have relatives in South America, very
ones in fact, and I did work down there for a time as my previously
scanned documents clearly prove."

http://tinyurl.com/98yo7n  Another post dated October 2007 in which
was caught lying about this PhD issue, (along with some other gang

1"It appears from the post fragment Brooks posted above, which for
one of the first times ever he confirmed the post with an honest
reference and not a reference to what someone else clearly forged
or cut and pasted what *they* claimed I said, Brooks notes that I
posted that I have a PhD. Of course he knows I did not say which
type of PhD I had, (I did mention that it was awarded in the
field of statistics) nor where I received it, nor how I received
1But I now note, as usual, Brooks has already FORGED what I
actually said into:
Brooks said:
"he has no PhD from a recognized accredited institution of
higher learning"
This is typical Nigel Brooks. Add a few words, hide a few words,
hide the statistics and casino game background, and then "forge
what I actually said into something completely different."

End excerpts: Note Nigel outright lie - adding "accredited institution
higher learning" which is one of those smear merchant tactics of
words to what I said that of course I did not ever say.  Otherwise
known as
"fraud, deception and serial lying."

http://tinyurl.com/94bz5p  Here is where Tom Rau forged PhD after my
and forged my signature as well.  Otherwise known as "fraud, deception
serial lying."

Like I said, it appears the smear gang is getting desperate.

Doug Grant (Tm)


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