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Tom Rau asked me to post the following in which he said the following
about Agent Orange suffering Vets:  This is one of many.


(Smear Merchant Disclaimer: Please note this article (the same as all
of my past articles and exchanges with posters) represents an
editorial on contemporary issues and events - my opinion. Nothing in
this article (nor in any of my past posts) represents in any manner
any asseveration of biographical fact, nor is about, directed toward
or against any particular person - other than those specifically
mentioned herein. This article is being posted for entertainment
purposes only. If any person finds this post personally annoying,
abusive, defaming or otherwise disturbing, please notify me of your
specific reasons for annoyance via email at 1. 1.
legalcoach@comcast.net. If we find your detailed objections reasonable
(considering the "reasonable person" doctrine and case law) we will
then remove this post, or the offending passages contained therein,
from the Google archive, publicly apologize and retract. My intent is
to entertain, and to present articles to USENET readers prior to
publication to determine interest, and not to annoy, abuse, humiliate,
or in any way cause anyone emotional harm by posting on USENET or
Please note that defending myself from harassment and obloquy with
rebuttal posts has been deemed a "lawful and legitimate" publication
by my legal counsel. If I am not attacked, libeled, defamed or
harassed, or my copyrighted articles not interrupted nor infringed
upon, I clearly do not have a reason to respond with a rebuttal.
Please also note that I intend to notify any and all ISP's and web
hosts of any annoying or calumnious post, web site or other similar
entity about me after I give the offender an opportunity to retract,
apologize and remove said post from the Google archive).
SMEAR MERCHANT DISCLAIMER TWO: Considering the typical ridiculous,
absurd and obviously false claims about my military service that
originates from the crackpot smear and con gang that operates on
alt.war.Vietnam, I also hereby certify and attest this article is NOT
a secret coded message that only gang members can decode with their
secret Federal Agent/Sp4 draftee/former Junior Reserve Officer/ midget
decoder and mind reading rings.

This means the Brownie crackpots' inevitable accusations and howls
that this article is really me claiming in a special soothsaying code
(a code only crackpots et al smear gang can only read of course which
involves their typical claim the American Heritage Dictionary's
definitions of simple terms, such as "we" "estimated"
"retired from" and "not representing any biographical claim" are all
wrong and only their "special interpretations of the English language
can apply to all English terms, and the gang's standard nonsensical
mind reading claims) that (1) I was a CIA cross border assassin that
sniper killed Ho Chi Minh, HOORAH - (2) that I personally killed 1803
enemy soldiers in Vietnam and then feasted on their bodies (burp) (3)
that I was a secret member of the Mi Lai massacre, (let god sort them
out) that I hunted down and murdered unarmed Priests (take that choir
boy) (4) that I was trained by the Martian Army on Mars, and I have
green blood, and retractable fangs (slurp), (5) that the movie "Rambo"
was copied after my deeds in Vietnam and I still live in caves in the
northwest (6) and best of all, I went to the Carlise War College to
study WWII tactics even before I was born!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHHA are of
course, not true. No more than the gang' preposterous and goofy fraud
that (7) a Purple Heart VA card is the same as a Purple Heart Medal (I
have posted on USENET dozens of times I did not receive a Purple Heart
Medal and the post the gang tries to distort was clearly talking about
cards as the last sentence proves) (8) Nor that removing hundreds of
typos, errors, misstatements made by typists and I found so far in
about thirty-five THOUSAND extemporaneous posts under accounts I used,
and then replacing the errors with the true intended context and
meaning by the author is somehow "sinister" and the original discarded
post was the correct intended post and the corrected version is false!
Such glaring preposterous crackpot et al smear and fraud gang claims
about me are, as usual, blatantly false and equally ridiculous. (Ask
the gang leaders for proof of their claims the next time they make
such ludicrous claims and watch them scurry for their rocks or produce
their own forgeries, or perhaps typos, errors and such that have long
been detected and discarded in my waste basket they have dug out of
that trash). And of course this includes the fact I have received
notice from Google stating that several of the posts the gang has used
to defame me "did not originate from any account I used at the time."
Which is of course something we (not less than 60 people swore to this
fact under oath that our accounts had been hacked) stated in our
lawsuit against the casino agents when we complained about them
forging posts under our account names - this is of course something on
the public record that is always ignored by the present smear gang,
but not for long I suspect.

Moreover, giggle, Google is NOT reading my posts (nor anyone else's)
and determining which posts to keep and which to discard like one of
the smear gang leader's recently preposterously whined and barked -
and no, soldiers in Vietnam that knew how to call in Artillery
strikes, Air strikes, and knew how to set trip wires and Claymores are
NOT "phonies" just because they knew how to do those simple and common
things while serving in a combat zone during a time when there really
was combat.  (Of course this does not include those that were in
Vietnam to just guard  lonely borders, play S-3, or to ride around in
stolen jeeps while playing Village Rat).

End of Disclaimer:


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"Dai Uy" <Dai-Uy@hawaii.rr.com> wrote in message
On Dec 21, 3:12 pm, Dai Uy <Dai...@hawaii.rr.com> wrote:
> On Dec 21, 2:02 pm, "DGVREIMAN" <dgvrei...@comcast.net> wrote:
- - - - - [deletion] - - - - -

> > But regardless, you DID SAY that you knew of a Veteran that
> > received a
> > 100% disability just for Diabetes,
> If I said that you should be able to produce a reference.
> Are you saying that no one receives 100% for type II diabetes> from
> the VA?
> > and that means you have inside
> > information in respect to VA records. If it is not me, then who is
> > it?
> The message I had intended to draw your attention to is

Sorry Doug,

Bad link. Here's what I was drawing your attention to.
Apparently you chose not to address the points raised...

or http://tinyurl.com/7fcab9
Doug Says: Your URL above draws a reference to a law firm that helps
Veterans obtain disability from the VA?? It has nothing to do with
your claim you knew someone that received a 100% disability by
manipulating the VA to get it.

Newsgroups: alt.war.vietnam
Followup-To: alt.war.vietnam
From: Dai Uy <Dai...@hawaii.rr.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 16:47:56 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Dec 14 2008 2:47 pm
Subject: Main risk factor for adult-onset diabetes? Obesity

I posted a message stating a simple fact:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
On Dec 6, 9:52 am, Oklahoma Joe <oklahoma...@green584.cotse.net>

> Agent orange, type ii diabbetes = 20%, why is that?

Apparently you don't whine well enough. There are some who
successfully manipulate the VA system out of 100% for diabetes.

Type II Diabetes is related to:

Weight? Lack of exercise
? Alcohol
? Smoking
? Family history
? Ethnicity
? Age

-Dai Uy sends

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I also posted that; there are some who successfully manipulate
the VA system out of 100% for diabetes. I did not provide anyone's
personal and private VA medical information. I didn't give anyone's
name -- that would be illegal. Never-the-less, I firmly believe that
there are some who successfully manipulate the VA system out of 100%
for diabetes.
Doug Says: Mr. Rau, since you above have stated you do know the name
of such a veteran but will not release it because it is illegal to do
so, then please provide your source for receiving that name.

...and that fact drove you ballistic.

Doug Says: Yes, those that traffic in stolen Veteran's personal and
private information, especially for the purpose of defamation and
harassment like you are posting about Veterans suffering from Agent
Orange related maladies and wounds of course would drive any real
veteran "ballistic." You need to provide your source of the names of
the Veterans you claimed above to possess.

The Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health,
the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Diabetes
Association, all recognize that diet and exercise can prevent and
control diabetes is a proven fact.

Now why would you take offence by my statement that there have
been some who successfully manipulate the VA system out of 100% for

Do you doubt it?

Doug Says: Since you clearly have stated you know the name of someone
that has received a 100% disability for Type II Diabetes, and has
manipulated the VA to get that award, then of course as long as you
reveal your source that provided you that specific name of such a
Veteran then after a complete investigation of the facts, I will
answer that question in detail.

But as of right now, of course I doubt it.

The VA has regulations that cover various maladies and about the
highest award that can be computed from those regs for just Type II
diabetes alone would be about 20%. The question is who in the VA is
providing you with the names of these Veterans that are receiving 100%
for Type II diabetes and are manipulating the system to get that award
you keep referencing?

Hiding your source of criminal information source is obstructing
justice because as soon as you release it I will add it to another
official complaint my lawyers are preparing for the Attorney General
and the VA in respect to another similar offense and incident.  The
fact you are also involved in this particular trafficking of personal
and private disabled Veteran information is very interesting to me and
to others.

Does anyone?

Of course they do?

Does the shoe fit?


Doug Says: First you claim you are not talking about me, then you
imply you are. Of course the shoe does not fit.

Could the reason you've gone over the edge be because you have
used your considerable skills of fabrication, whining, threatening,
and exaggerating, to manipulate the VA compensation program into
granting you 100% service connection for type II diabetes?

Doug Says: Mr. Rau, first, I do not have any skills of fabricating
anything, that is your and your gang's department and we all know it,
the evidence proving you lie and use fraud and forgeries is
overwhelming. And second,  I do not discuss my personal medical
information on USENET nor any other personal information. Your libel
implications above are representative of your desperate attempt to
defame and demonize me with fraud, forgeries, outright libel per se,
and malicious false accusations, and the above is a classic example of
such fraud and defamation that you use frequently.

If that is the case, why aren't you, of all people, urging your
fellow vets with type II diabetes to appeal their measly 20% ratings?

Doug Says: Mr. Rau, your fraud above is compounded by your second
fraud connecting your first libel per se and its related fraud. Like I
said, fraud and forgeries are your department not mine. You need to
stop lying if you want me to answer any questions.

I've never bothered to ask the names of the obese slugs
cluttering the waiting areas of the VA clinic and the VARO -- so I
don't have their names. I wouldn't post them if I did. But, I'm not
the only one to notice them -- or to be offended by them.
Encounteringtheir kind makes a trip to the VA embarrassing.
Doug Says: Mr. Rau, you claimed above that you had been furnished a
name and you will not reveal it because it is illegal to do so. Now
you say you have never asked the names of those "obese slugs
cluttering the waiting areas of the VA clinic and the VARO" no doubt
those "obese slugs" as you call them would not respond with just their
name if you called them that to their faces.

But you must be in a very special place for VA's because considering
all of the VA hospitals  I have been forced to encounter in my life I
have yet to see "obese slugs cluttering the waiting areas " of any VA
I have been in?

I think your Walter Mitty imagination is running amok once again Mr.
Rau. Regardless, whether you asked people sitting around the VA their
names or not, you did confirm above that you have been furnished at
least one name of a Veteran that receives a 100% disability for Type
II Diabetes alone, and you have evidence he manipulated the VA to get
that award. That name had to be furnished you by some source. Please
name the source of of the name you confirmed you have.

From your overly defensive reaction, I suspect that you may very
well be one of them.
Doug Says: Mr. Rau, more libel will not of course dismiss the fact
that you are deliberately using libel to smear me and now many other

You asked, "What is the name of your source in the VA?


Here's your inside information!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

or http://tinyurl.com/66xmfu
Doug Says: Mr. Rau, your reference above does not provide the comments
you are attributing to some fake VA worker that does not even know the
VA regulations of which he claims govern's his employment. Moreover, I
cannot find where this person provided any names of Veterans that
received 100% disability for Type II Diabetes alone and that
manipulated the VA to get that award.

This person "Nick" that you are quoting sounds to me more like  a
smear merchant bent on defaming American Veterans much like the SteveL
member of your gang. But,  if,  you like you say,  he is your source
for your Veteran's name that received that 100% disability award and
manipulated the VA to get it, please provide your communication with
him as evidence he is indeed your source of stolen information from
the Veterans Administration.

You may omit the name of the Veteran he provided to you. I will take
the communication(s)  you had with your source of stolen information
to the authorities. As we both know, "Nick" does not mention any
specific names in his fraudulent diatribe you have republished for the
purpose of defaming more Vets

NICK, on August 10th, 2008 at 6:21 am Said: ??I work at the VA and I
am an advocate for veterans who served in COMBAT to receive disability
and benefits for injuries and diseases due to as a result of COMBAT, I
have a real issue with veterans getting disability benefits for
disease and injuries that have nothing to do with their military
service-it is a joke."
Snip out fraud about Veterans Rau posted to defame Vietnam Veterans as
he says below:
First, Mr. Rau, your URL reference does not provide any reference to
what you are claiming this Nick person said.  Please provide an
accurate reference.

Moreover, your friend and confidant and source for stolen information,
"Nick" says above he has a problem with Veterans receiving disability
benefits for disease and injuries that have nothing to do with their
military service."
First, it is impossible to receive benefits from the VA for "disease
and injuries" that are NOT related to their military service. That is
virtually impossible save outright fraud. If a person did not go to
Vietnam then he could not be awarded any disability for Agent Orange
created diseases and maladies. The VA also have tests that can prove
various maladies that have been confirmed by vast amounts of doctors
and studies that are  connected to Agent Orange, conducted  by some of
the best medical clinics in the world,  are present in a Veterans
body. If the Veteran was in contact with Agent Orange when he was in
the service, then of course any diseases brought on by that Dioxin
contact will be evident based upon medical exams, and would of course
be related to his military service.
So the person you are quoting above does not exist, or is lying.
Regardless, if he does exist and he is your source of stolen
information like you claimed above, then please provide where he
provided you with a specific name like you claimed above  you had but
would not release.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are more comments, but they tend to agree with the point of
view that Nick and I share regarding phonies, wannabes, and whiners
clogging the VA system and preventing deserving veterans from getting
the assistance they've earned and deserve. Some vets claiming Agent
Orange caused their type II diabetes are "whiners and manipulators."
I hope this all helps.
Doug Says: Mr. Rau, I suspect deeply your medical opinion. Considering
that the VA has thousands of Doctors, and the entire medical community
disagrees with you, I am sure that will not deter you from denigrating
and lying about your fellow veterans, the truth has not stopped you
before from lying about your fellow Vets and I doubt if it will this
time either.

But one thing is for sure. By your own admission above you have been
provided specific names of Veterans and their private VA information.
Since you claim you agree with someone that is providing you this
information so you can further your smear campaign against veterans,
then you need to reveal your source of those names or continue to
knowingly and willfully obstruct justice, not to mention other overt
acts that you continue to keep confessing to in connection with this
I don't care how often you want to lie about things Mr. Rau, but I do
care when you denigrate and violate the rights of disabled Veterans.

You also might want to read the studies that deal with the effects of
Agent Orange Type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes *causes* overweight and obesity due to the drugs that
are provided to treat that malady. Not the other way around.
Servicemen that were in the US Military had rigid physical
requirements, they could not even remain in the service if they were
"obese slugs" like you have dubbed all that suffer from Agent Orange
related Type II diabetes.

Moreover, there is a difference between Agent Orange caused type II
Diabetes and regular adult onset type II Diabetes.  The VA has
specific test to determine such differences.  Moreover, according to
the studies of this issue, when MOST of the servicemen  were first
diagnosed with Type II Agent Orange related Diabetes they were NOT
even overweight, not to mention "obese."

Some years ago the general idea of Type II Diabetes was there was a
"border line" Type II and a full fledged Type II.  Today, those
"borderline" parameters are considered full fledged Type II Diabetes.
The more studies that are completed on the effects of Agent Orange,
the more the Diabetes Blood Sugar parameters change.

Many  Agent Orange onset Diabetics showed signs of that disease when
their weight was perfect and their exercise levels were high.  This is
not the case with normal adult onset Type II diabetes.  So your
unconvincing, and completely fraudulent as usual, deception that in
order to contract Agent Orange Diabetes you first must be an "obese
slug" is even  beyond the lowlife and condescending deceitful  depths
we normally see coming from you in respect to your arrogance and
denigration of your fellow Vietnam Veterans.

According to the studies on this Dioxin, The Agent Orange Type II
Diabetes (and other Dioxin related Type II Diabetes) is much more
insidious than normal adult onset Type II Diabetes and *cannot* be
avoided regardless of weight, exercise or other normal Diabetes
prevention methods.
Moreover, in my humble opinion, obviously your phantom "Nick" did not
work for the VA like you claim, (he is too stupid about the studies
that have been completed by the VA and published)  and he probably
does not even exist,  and his posts (if they exist) were most likely
plants posted by you or one of your smear gang friends.  Too bad your
ruse did not work.

Now please provide the name of your source that is feeding you
information about disabled Veterans.

Your fraud and false information seems to know no depths Mr. Rau.  But
regardless, you do need to release the name of the person that is and
has been providing your with stolen information from the Veterans


-Dai Uy sends

> I hope that clears this matter up.

Only when you release the name of your source of stolen VA information
will this matter be cleared up.
- - - - - [deletion] - - - - -
> -Dai Uy sends
> ***
> "BTW, bragging about a Purple Heart not received in combat is about
> as
> cowardly as it gets."
Yes, I agree. That is why my typist wrote that passage in her last
sentence about Chip's claim to have a Purple Heart Card that was not
earned in combat. As the following expert conclusion clearly proves:

http://tinyurl.com/6e6d3h Purple Heart Card post provided to an
independent expert on the US Military (30 year retired) and he
confirms the post was about cards and not medals.
Dopug Grant (Tm)

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