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Private Thoughts in Film and Heros - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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The problem with portraying private lives and private thoughts in film
is due to the fact that one can only see the character on the outside
and private thoughts can to be detected unless one secretes evidence
of it in psychological expression. Back then even self-knowledge was
being made into a system of analysis through introspection. The value
of technocolor of course is in this..since one can see the pulse of
the character since it pertains to camera detection to examine
subjects and most clearly the best way of studying the psychology of
the character. Damon doesn't have characters with private thoughts
since his main significance is in action. So he has external
value..while Hopkins played a great role as a sociopath in Silence of
the Lambs where he secretes definate evidence of his private thoughts.

Private thoughts In Film - by Seung Bum Kim

From the audience perspective, a hero can make effect of controlling
emotions. The hero thus must be between crossroads of virtue and
villainhood. Stark is equivalent to the King in Robinhood. We cannot
be moved by them as Kings but as humans, since we do not share the
same condition. To be more despicable the advantaged heros in the
movie have no conflicting criticism. The critics are always
villainous. It is as if God crowns his own Gifts.. They are confronted
but the hero necessarily wins as if a justified benefactor by the
Universe. Good will Hunting had some scenes of debate..where it means
that the exigent point of movies is when thesis and antithesis leading
to synthesis either claims the characters as winners or whether it
crushes them as heros. Public Enemy however did not justify any of the
characters..they all had a rational motive according to the film. Some
would believe that since heros crush those who are stricken with a
terrible role, that movies do an injustice to villains..which is why
they use strong villains.

Heros in Movies from a Mephis Perspective -by Seung Bum Kim

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