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The Prizewinner - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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Datum: 31.05.2010 14:11
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Oil was splotched on the man's face making him look inhuman. He didn't
feel the sound of clocks ticking. And he could stay here forever. The
sun like a light-filled butterfly touched the surface of his flesh. No
one shall enter me. A pig's stomach had a silver coin in the belly
button. He resented nothing..nothing could kill him.. While soft-
hearts showed more radiance in their personality verging into tears at
crisis though you could not foresee this. And he bit the bullet to
examine the toothmarks on it. When the job was done having seen the
death of thousands, he procedurally stabbed himself in the heart
though it was time to leave. Without pulse, he was an artificial man.
What is the price of being the dark man? He didn't remember his wife
as Margaret but as Gretchin. He was in love with Gretchin with proper
depth. As illusions vanished she was no longer Margaret..the end of
the day..the dry mannah prize-winner.

The Prizewinner - by Seung Bum Kim

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