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Hopper Dead W/balloons in the Air-sEung b. Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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Datum: 31.05.2010 06:10
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Hopper was actually most famous for True Romance as a Sicilian Hater.
This detail has been edged out due to the historical ramifications
between the Sicilians and the "whops"..it's true he suffered.. but the
guy could handle it.. so I am not mouring the person, but admiring his
resilience.  You could probably only know the real Dennis Hopper from
the red carpet.  There's nothing striking about him.  But he made one
hell of a cool cop, so gangstas would not celebrate him..speaking of
tragedy festivals, Russell who died was lifted after he died.. too bad
there is no secret place for memories..but he's on tape..and that's
all you need.  He's not gonna appear on the Encyclopedia but only in
Holywood circles and his audience..speaking of which that offensive
fiancee of Alicia Keyes oughta end up in the letter 'N' for the new
revised Encyclopedia Britannica for being an obnoxious thug.  It seems
he is not keeping up with the new Way..how rude of him..also add a
picture of him there with a lead pipe..

Hopper Dead W/balloons in the Air-sEung b. Kim

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