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Life thru Relation and Learning Systems - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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Whereas by pantheism man is self-conscious, lower mammals relate only
to the environment. By modus operandi, it must relate to the
environment in order to fulfill it. When robotic learning systems
detect things in the environment, it does not relate to it and it only
accumulates data. But by Laws of robotics, the agenda is carried out
by analysis and trial and error, where upon success it is thus stored
and executed by the command chip. Where Matrix M and Matrix T have
union in Y where M that is not consisting of Y and T that is not
consisting of Y are for independent functions. Where as synthesis of T
and M as Y as combinatory solution leads to sequential solutions where
Y (a U b U c U d) all members of Y as range of response.

Life through Relation & Learning Systems - by Seung Bum Kim
(c)opyright 2010

I've seen pictures of Japans large scale robots. Due to the condensed
weight of it, it couldn't move so fast. My contention is that they use
flexi-solid material since as light as it is, it is also durable. But
as far as gears are concerned the use of resistance transistors must
also be incorporated so the willed use of it geometrically expands the
momentum of the robot so it has more non-mechanistic form of motion.

About Japanese Robots and advancements - by Seung Bum Kim

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