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vanishing point redo

Von: diff (pleasetryadiff@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 30.05.2010 16:43
Message-ID: <ef93765a-9298-41fa-9686-2eea1d477eea@11g2000prv.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.movies
vanishing point remake just saw; oh they traded the existential
antidrug message for 'heres what a dad out of control does, runs into
a bulldozer and chases his stupid dead wifes spirit in the afterlife.
LOSER. what was the
other thing? oh, hes driving real fast because his wife is having a
baby. cant he take a plane?

and the cool original DJ they use WHO?
this is an exercise in the futility of remaking
cool by people who do not know what cool
is or why it was cool in the first place.
although vigo is a good actor of course.
but what a good laugh this one is.

and the car is JUST A CAR in the first movie, the emphasis was on the
movement of the psyche of the protagonist. in the remake the car is
NOT JUST A CAR. why its an homage to the cool time that this film
tries to chase down and acknowledge, but only flops like an empty
corpse on a giddy rusty ferris wheel going backwards.   a putrid semi
newage remake PUKE JOB.

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