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Filming Pain in Cinematics and Eastwood - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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Which is of course reason why Damon's Will Hunting character is noble
just as it is noble often to be trivial than to apply pain which is
Eastern tradition.  The Asians apply pain and they do it seriously to
be considerate.  The aesthetic theme of Love is not infinitely
complex, but it can branch out hypothetically to infinite complexity.
This aesthetic Love prevents tragic outcomes though Clint Eastwood
uses the slapping effect of Truth producing a duality in Love..the
slap is there to crystallize things.  As the famous scene in Heart-
Break Ridge is when Eastwood slams the FM radio against the Wall..that
is the manner in which Asians apply pain.  Although the perfect sky is
torn, there manifests a stronger form of consciousness.  Damon's Will
Hunting despite his embarassing situations of violence does not
crack..he only cracks in the end with a tough exterior.  The streets
are filled with vandalists so is vandalism is excused as a way of
Life..and erroneously his genius manifests in the strongest way..shot
without deep set filming lenses, there is no duality in good and evil
just as Burrough's mentioned his drug habit to be a way of Life..Good
and evil do not stand still in time..as a matter of fact, God is on
both sides.  As Hurt Locker debates surprisingly just by mere film
capture in physicality and location a kind of lack of exigency between
good and Evil..where the human condition is unified..leading to the
conclusion that not only do all humans have problems, but the so-
called moral imperative is a perspective..and moreso that humans
should be at truce as we are the Earth, the rain, the fire, the sun,
and the Wind.. this alone is not captured by film quality but by the
psychology of the characters within the movie.  It would thus have its
critics though it is by far one of the best war movies I've personally

Filming Pain in Cinematics and Eastwood - by Seung Bum Kim

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