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Several Treatise on Films - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

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Deontic Transformations of Movie Characters & Damon - by Seung Bum Kim
(for Foxnews and other media)
Damon's transformations are Deontic transformations since they are
made rationally by the history of his seed. Deontic transformations
are logical transformations. In Invitcus, he is without impulse though
without an inclining soul he transforms while for most characters the
premum mobilia of the soul leads to his or her desired transformation.

Deontic Transformations of Movie Characters - by Seung Bum Kim

Organic Films and Insufficiencies of Life on Film - by Seung Bum Kim
(for Foxnews and other media)
Biological Films have much been avoided since what would result is the
Dostoevski "organic" effect. Being organic we would be enlightened
about rhizomes primarily. And it would point to existentialism despite
subjective accounts made by even primary characters. So since this
results in existential pain film makers often go the opposite way with
CGI as another byproduct of this. But if fat fries in space, organic
films can be seen in a different light.

Organic Films and Insufficiencies of Life on Film - by Seung Bum Kim

This being an action movie must be determined in value by action,
simply put. But though there is much action in the movie, save for a
few good moments with the female sidekick, the choreographed action
for robots in battle are straightforward..there are no choreographed
stunts here. And I cannot relate to Stark because he is an upperclass
snob, though he tries to rescue himself from the label of arrogance by
using strokes of humor. The film is enchanting however with alot of
graphics effects and the world held captive by Stark's technology that
falls into the wrong hands..and the idea of redemption is there to
correct his mistake of causing problems for the world, his intention
evidently his ego though heroic it lands simply on being a central
figure. So since most people cannot relate to him, since they are not
on his famous mountain, there is a clear antagonistic reaction I felt
from the audience about Stark effecting the whole viewpoint of the
movie.. and by the way, to give low ratings corrects the potential
problem of death inflation for movies in generally..so do be astute
when you select your ratings.

Iron Man 2 and the Mirror Man-sEung b. Kim

The Blessed and the Damned - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other
Damon's entry into Holywood was through Will Hunting. He was a
somebody, even as he would walk instead of running. I find this a
problematic quality, because he didn't achieve something yet was
naturally endowed. In life you can walk or you can run. In more noble
films those who run achieve greatness as archetyped by Braveheart who
defined himself just as rites of passage are to define you according
to Confucius. But Damon being idle is endowed. He is no hero or
villain however..and lives like that are obscured or ought to be since
he hangs around with the dogs. But in order to taste the gauntlet one
must run or one dines on his Father's fortune. As such the problem of
hurdles is used to define the character as an altered man where due to
the fact that there existed either pain or boldness he/she deserves
and earned what he/she has..or even better to be born great and to
also achieve an even greater level of greatness by keeping up with
one's good looks.

The Blessed and the Damned - by Seung Bum Kim

If Forces are sublimatory from one polarity to another, it exists as |
X| where since by essence it is a Force. Whereby that which is outside
of |X| can undergo affect where y is contact with |X| in which -X
produces diametrically opposed effect of +X. Where inversion outside
of |X| = s in which is subject to determinism by X. Where anti-
exigency over X can be found by the fact that -X and +X are from the
same derivative. Into a Set B that is neutral and non-exponential or
else Set B would be also connected to origin X with exception that Set
B conflicts with X as a dominant variable by being a positive variable
by correlative to X as a negative variable in negative correlation
since syntax exists in |X|. But X is not a wild card. It exists from
the same source, but it is to determine effect of y.

Mathematics for Holywood Heros and the Forces - by Seung Bum Kim
(c)opyright 2010

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