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The Great Houdini - by Seung Bum Kim (lyrics for Bono$$)

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Datum: 03.03.2010 21:54
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Forgive me
I faultered
Open your arms out to me..
Because if you don't
I crack your glass heart
With a lesson
And a price you have to pay
There's a credit card jacket on the chair
I do not die to Words..
death through words is a pathetic thing
So it takes time
To decide yourself
And not depend on anyone..
Though we stand alone
And nobody loves nobody..
And is there anything left for us?
When we have no one to hold?
Isolation makes me evil
So my soul congeals and crystallizes in a way
"Loud enough To Knock You Down!! Burnout!!"

The Great Houdini - by Seung Bum Kim

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