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2 tales of Romance by a blind man - by Seung Bum Kim (muscular imagination)

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The ramifications of finding a Green bug can fuel much meaningful
debate.. -sEung b. Kim

My heart was broken in 3 places
Now I come to you
So that you can make it for me
I was reaching for you
You weren't reaching for me
I've fallen in Love
YOu were too blind to see
If you leave me alone
Doesn't mean I'll fall apart
I still hurt inside out
No good on my own
In the back of my head
I'm waiting for your promise
A promise to be found
To bring the one I want
The first in Line
But it's something I should
Take for granted
But you can pull the strings
Through the needle
in my heart
I watchout and die
I was too blind to see
Oh love of my heart
Don't leave me alone
I'm not here for the ride
When she broke my heart
I looked for someone
To make it for me
When she had me shock
It became the way it should be..
you broke my heart
I my love for you
You make it for me..
You broke me down
Now I'm waiting for you
To make it for me..
Perhaps just a day
At the Mall
To be untrue
To escape the mundane
For some instability
As I burn my Love
Right into the Ground!

Doctor Hand me the Cure - by Seung Bum Kim

Agapita.. your silence makes me wonder if you are lying or whether you
are not thinking. If we were together, would I direct myself to
drinking? I don't know these conclusions because I need firsthand
evidence. You are a half-eaten angel. And I see you past the
illusions. No love technique..it's non-essential. Should I not kiss
your hair and kiss your head? Because I know the waves will crash and
you will be much too old.. but you will still remain as it's not the
way you throw your clothes on the bathroom floor..and it's not the way
you toy with my affections..but I've been thinking about you.. to
fling my arms around you and fall in ecstasy. The waves once came and
stole the girl I loved..this was once before.. And I took off..808
state Gorgeous..inside your heart is something made of stone..an angel
made of stone..an angel that cannot fly as it's compressed rock..but I
see the beauty in it..not in your eyes.. but you probably know as I
knew you weren't running..

Agapita - the Dark-Half Gone - by Seung Bum Kim

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