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Faith and Trauma by Seung Bum Kim (a deep investigation into the source of Faith) - by Seung Bum Kim (for Foxnews & " media)

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Faith is rational suicide. But rationale operates on a spectrum of
logic. While God is in concept in idealism, existance is the
predicate, the capstone of positivism. It would be ideal for a man to
have $1000 in his wallet but only if he does it is True. Some things
are incalculable. The rational mind cannot see this, but there is
sight and blindless like in both faith and analytical studies. Where
life elucidates its objects through faith.

To Complete Understanding - by Seung Bum Kim (c)opyright 2010

Jennifer Lopez is on the right track.  Refering back to Anthony
Hopkins who does not believe in his role as the Possessed, Lopez uses
her own experiences as a pregnant woman to add relation to the
role..where the subject must be related to, through the heart.
Anthony uses a deductive process where he doesn't even form an alter-
ego..but to be able to step into the shoes of the character she plays
not only makes it more convincing, but intuitively it rings with added
reality.  The hurdles of pregnancy are forecast even before teenagers
become pregnant..and she is not the first to go through this at all.
With relation in mind, love produces understanding where the knower is
not merely objective about what he knows but relates to it through
subjectivity or Love for the topic.  It can further be said that as
such, cellphone communication being passive does not lead to wisdom.

Lopez' Perspective in Acting and The Lack of Ego in Hopkins - by Seung
Bum Kim (for Foxnews and other media)

Faith is perpetual in the form of an ackward tragedy. While perfection
faces the bitter pill of Truth. Dying is an art.  Jung-shin is the
most powerful force in the realm of existance..which by a slap through
the duality of Love becomes Chun-Je.  Can there be a human sound that
stands up to this?  Then the Heavy Metal meets the Law.

Perpetual Faith - by Seung Bum Kim (from Natalie's Torn)

Here's your role..can you double into it? -sbk (Harry Houdini)

I know what you're thinking
I know that you lie
Don't try to decide
Don't try to hide
For I shackled you in 8 places
So you can have breathe
I said I'd steal your breathee..
You say you're kooler than Jesus
Don't try to spill
The milk I gave
Or Hell shall come forth!
I know you don't see me
You try not to think
Of my presence
That extends all over the place
Your destined to die
So you don't need to hesitate
Just incline yourself
To the Message That is You!!
Because in your World
Only you Exist!!
As I cast my gaze on everyone
I tapped the secrets in your head
I found you sleeping
Thought I was Dead.
But you never accepted
The words that I spoke
Or the words in this Song!
So shall you Burn!
Burn baby burn!!
You're much too young for me
But I'll get ya
Complicate ya
And send you to Hell
As a child..
"What it all Boils down to is, We Shall OverTake!!"

Mephistopheles for the Anti-God - by Seung Bum Kim (for Bono $$)

My irregular violence is not permitted.  But violence is permitted..In
the case of War, where it is a professional career.  They have anti-
lock brakes.  In God's name it is so permitted.  As corrupt as
Absolute Power is, it's strength is yet admonishable..but between
Pantheism and humility which is a fight against the superiority of
Others, Pantheism has a supreme intelligence but there is blindness in
understanding.. from this division they can meet.  If humble strength
becomes a guardian, a protector of lost souls.. And through this
epiphany, Ezekiel read his chapter and killed Kings afterwards.

Pantheism & the Son of God - by Seung Bum Kim

And as man is cut from his roots, philosophy dies and due to the need
for certainty technology increases as the economy booms and due to
inflation then recedes.  Pennsylvania was pre-capitalist even at
1840..but they did not exceed their current state of evolution.  Man
being estranged from life produces in him a sensitivity to things..a
state of being unsure..and uncertain..where uncertainty becomes the
guiding Light in the storm..and what he knows is only the
materialistic world..where it is not communism though some would say
otherwise, because we vote for products as consumers based on what we
ideally want..products are chosen or voted through idealism in
material commodities.  But as such we have lost touch with the main
genius of man..in which he is connected to life..where if a bomb were
to go off we would only then at that instant examine ourselves as a
unexamined life is not worth living, according to Socrates.  But we
are incapable of this.. so man's condition is in the form of a
question mark (Milan Kundra)

The Transmogrification of the Progeny - by Seung Bum Kim (for media)

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