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Idol Winners and aesthetic premise -sbk

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Datum: 25.05.2010 21:21
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My contention is what is the point behind selecting Idol winners who
don't also look great..because aesthetics is a predicate.  And if the
song is good, so too would the looks embody that sort of aesthetic
beauty.  Unless you're gonna be an Opera singer then forget it..a good
song is really a whole vision.  But when you're speaking of making
dubbed recordings the song becomes erracular in style..cut and paste
makes the song erracular so it has got to be a vision.  Same thing
could be said for Quentin..but he manages to make eloquence to his
films regardless which makes it a great achievement in reference to
Inglorious Basterds..some people are involved in making music that is
Platonic like Radiohead..unfortunately it doesn't sound good..actually
even New Order tried this but managed to succeed.  Furthermore, the
beauty of hip hop is that it hips and hops..meaning they are pouncing
instead of flying through the sky..for this lack of pretense
Timberlake made a career that is in contract with no turning
back..while his vacation was fun-packed, and the contract still

-sEung b. Kim

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