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Von: Heike Hoffmann (sexyampelfrau@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 31.05.2010 06:09
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I am looking for a song title. Unfortunately, I can only remember a
few lyrics from this song, please help.

I heard this song back on the radio in 1994, and I believe it was made
around this time as well. This song was quite popular in 1994 in many
discotheques in North America and Europe, and it would most likely be
classified in the techno/euro category, although it could also be
industrial or jungle. The chorus of this song are the words "The
American Dream comes to those who...". Those are the words that are
uttered throughout the song. I remember there being a deep male voice
uttering these words and then a high pitches female voice (possible in
french) saying other things in the background. I believe this song was
NOT a single, and was instead part of an album produced by the same
singers/band/group here is heavy base in the background throughout. I
think the singers/band/group behind this song was be in whole or in
part European, but I am not certain. Does anyone know the name of this
song or the group that sings it?.

Heike Hoffmann

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