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Death at 17 - by Seung Bum Kim (for media)

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Datum: 08.05.2010 13:42
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They used to say
I would trade my love
For canddyyyy..
Now dont believe in that stuff
It's a misunderstandinnggg.
Whatever you've got
It doesn't protruce me
Not many have got
What it might take to keep me..
My kisses are expensive
No one can afford them
I find your sweet nature
Hard to swallow
Let me take the front seat..

I am an innocent
And I believe in the fact
That John Lennon shot the king Y'all
Shooting straight from the Hip Y'all!
Shoot to kill..
What's the messy world
From the goddamn messed mothers
You gotta amputate the nature
So you don't fall prey
To mistakes that come when mother
Seeks a cure..
To decide for yourself
Not depend on anyone..
But a psycho from a messed up mother of a world
And you fail to realize
That I am the innocent
So I have a credit card jacket
Says I'll make a final victory
So amputate your body
And find your higher self
Stressed out at the desk
But since I am an innocent
My nature is acceptable
All I need to do is flow..

Death at 17 - by Seung Bum Kim

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