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Lover Come Back to Me - by Seung Bum Kim - anatomy of love in fading enchantment (for Foxnews and other media)

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Datum: 16.05.2010 18:16
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My love is not as concrete as flowers from the soil. It endures death
of interest. It survives the poverty of fading beauty, as long as she
was once was beautiful. I know of the problem that exists when the
waves crash. But it won't change my heart or change my mind. I'd be
stubborn this time. As the rain falls on the watercolor painting, my
love transforms. Built up by history, I would never leave her.. It's
an inner promise..this mirage of love helps me hold her in my concrete
arms, but as derpection takes place my love grows stronger day to
day.. It gets river deep and mountain high. I won't surround her with
my senses..i won't prevent her from denying me...but for what it's
worth, fuck lets take a chance. Russian roulette is still an exciting
game. If it crumbles into dust the scars remind me i have completed a
desire that had to be completed for flesh and blood..and a heart of
stone that's been isolated.

Lover Come Back to Me - by Seung Bum Kim

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