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I'm taking bids for the 'KeTTeWeReo BoY08.06.10
See them fighting on the trainiL weReo07.06.10
The future church of the worldDT Lemons06.06.10
The day I interviewed Ritchie BlackmoreiL weReo06.06.10
Now it's my turn to playWeReo BoY05.06.10
The FED club is too FEDDISHWeReo BoY02.06.10
We cankeep tweaking him upWeReo BoY01.06.10
So much more classy than Dio....DT Lemons01.06.10
Summer camps, for those who don't knowWeReo BoY22.05.10
He tried hard for his $200WeReo BoY21.05.10
How did you like the 8/28/64 show?WeReo BoY21.05.10
Ha ha no more Tales from the CasketWeReo BoY19.05.10
Without a doubt Terrys next mugshot attireDT Lemons18.05.10
Come on Diodweebs you know you want itDT Lemons18.05.10
I want one of these.DT Lemons18.05.10
This is indeed a great dayDT Lemons16.05.10
DIO IS DEAD LMAO!!!!!!!DT Lemons16.05.10
It's like a form of serenityDT Lemons16.05.10
I killed RJDDT Lemons16.05.10
Seriously???DT Lemons14.05.10
Do you think Dio cries?DT Lemons13.05.10
Ozzys new album new songsDT Lemons12.05.10
I wanna skull fuck DioDT Lemons12.05.10
Will dictate every aspect of your lifeWeReo BoY11.05.10
Terry Herzog is getting ready for deathDT Lemons10.05.10
The boy has many 'flashbacks'WeReo BoY10.05.10
Dio must be in a lot of painDT Lemons10.05.10
Shiny black casket tell no talesWeReo BoY09.05.10
Looks like another case of hedgehogWeReo BoY09.05.10
Sex offender pleads guilty to child pornWeReo BoY09.05.10
Sentenced to 15 Years for Sex TraffickingWeReo BoY08.05.10
No more tales from the black coffin?WeReo BoY08.05.10
No Laughing in HeavenDT Lemons07.05.10
North Texas man sentenced to 10 yearsWeReo BoY07.05.10
Man sentenced to 20 yearsWeReo BoY07.05.10
Concentrate on my heartDT Lemons06.05.10
The White Lion/Shoreline showDT Lemons05.05.10
Dio talks about the cancelationDT Lemons05.05.10
dioisgone@gmail.comDT Lemons04.05.10
I have removed all KFDT Lemons04.05.10
Heaven and Hell sold outDT Lemons04.05.10
Dio will slay the dragon LOLDT Lemons04.05.10
I did tell you all......DT Lemons04.05.10
Emotion and CommotionDT Lemons04.05.10
Whoever did this; we gonna gitchaWeReo BoY02.05.10
FS: Rainbow - Rising (Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie...JB02.05.10
The thing was repo-ed already?WeReo BoY01.05.10
I was on WBAI this morningWeReo BoY01.05.10
I should be a foolWeReo BoY01.05.10
My 2010 New CASKET PhotosWeReo ScoTTy09.04.10