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Is "progressive metal" an accepted label?

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Inception theme music/scoreLIBERATOR24.05.10
FS: Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000: Scenes Fro...JB04.05.10
FS: Dream Theater - Scenes from Cleveland (Live...JB03.05.10
Our Martian guardians warn about RUSH, Boondock...LIBERATOR10.02.10
Billy Sheehan broke it off with RUSH, Martian f...LIBERATOR20.01.10
528019 access free awesome musis sites on the w...Andrew W.19.01.10
attn Mike Portnoy - RUSH threatened by your ban...LIBERATOR19.01.10
Observing Neil Pearts body language/mannerisms ...LIBERATOR19.01.10
Mike Portnoy personality variants BoonDockSaint...LIBERATOR14.12.09
DreamTheater not playing major venuesLIBERATOR08.12.09
Gary Weinrib portrayed twice in Boondock Saints 2LIBERATOR08.12.09
Lab-rat Virginia Newbon report is positive - AM...LIBERATOR07.12.09
Boondock Saints Mike Portnoy portrayal #1LIBERATOR04.12.09
Boondock Saints Alex & Neil making fun of Mike ...LIBERATOR04.12.09
Fantastic! Rush is GOING TO JAIL!!LIBERATOR03.12.09
My source indicates RUSH is jealous of DT membe...LIBERATOR26.11.09
Anyone gonna be @ opening night in Miami Beach?The Mind24.07.09
LOL, Geddy I'd be scared U empire collapsing!! ...LIBERATOR17.07.09
For trade: Dream Theater @ Tel-Aviv audiohitman01.07.09
Dream Theater AIG Scandal Mashupscarecrowforpresi...30.03.09
Need some good musicRoman-19.03.09
Which 5 tunes would you pickRoman-19.03.09
Liz Claiborne gonna be bankrupt? Owned by RUSH/...LIBERATOR16.03.09
Dick Strong spanks RUSH hard..! <>// Rush pract...LIBERATOR16.03.09
Joe Satriani Midnight like Rik Emmetts Midsumme...LIBERATOR10.02.09
awe what's wrong RUSH? my delusions not delusions?LIBERATOR11.12.08
Dick Strong gives progress report on his slayin...LIBERATOR08.12.08
FDIC is certainly under control of Dick StrongLIBERATOR03.12.08
Mass death by RUSH using the NSALIBERATOR24.11.08
HAHAHA! Shatner my favorite Space Monster of al...LIBERATOR24.10.08
Thomas Lang beats both Portnoy and PeartLIBERATOR10.10.08
Mike Portnoy doing Neil Peart better than NeilLIBERATOR10.10.08
DreamTheater should study thisLIBERATOR12.09.08
OT: Neal Morse Band Live In Downey - This Sat. ...Jeff A.01.09.08
WHOA "Babylon AD" drone aircraft guarding New S...LIBERATOR01.09.08
Google losing money in AOL - Strong attacks!! Y...LIBERATOR08.08.08
OMFG!! LOL!! RUSH bank Citigroup pays out billi...LIBERATOR08.08.08
Strong cracks another whipping on Crocs - Crocs...LIBERATOR08.08.08
RUSH Mortgage company goes bankrupt!! WCI - tie...LIBERATOR06.08.08
More on Nortel, corrupt accounting practices! -...LIBERATOR17.07.08
Cisco in BIG trouble, people jumping ship (than...LIBERATOR17.07.08
IndyMac (not IMT) a RUSH owned bank SEIZED BY G...LIBERATOR17.07.08
Sick, brainwashed Virginia Newbon uses my mothe...LIBERATOR18.05.08
RUSH destructive behaviors towards society - Sp...LIBERATOR07.05.08
my mother craving to be witness to herself caus...LIBERATOR05.05.08
Big Money VS The Larger Bowl + Far Cry (no exci...LIBERATOR14.04.08
Stealing my property to create "pain" of which ...LIBERATOR06.04.08
I was robbed yesterday, but was it RUSH or Chos...LIBERATOR06.04.08
I might try to sue RUSHLIBERATOR22.10.07